How to Move into a New Area With Confidence


Moving into a new area raises a lot of questions. How many church members live close by? Are the schools decent? Has there been a homicide in the area? Will your next door neighbor have 100 cats? You really don’t know until you have lived there for a few years. Why not talk to someone that has lived there for years — the bishop.

By using you can look up the local ward in the area which always lists the bishop’s phone number. Pick up the phone and ask him some questions. Because of the nature of the bishop’s responsibility they have a knowledge of the ward boundaries like nobody else — even things related to the community and general area. They generally don’t call the guy who has lived there for two weeks to be bishop (and if they have, maybe pick a different area). Bishops are generally nice people and willing to help.

There is a right and a wrong way to do this. Here are somethings to consider.

Bishops Are Busy So Make It Quick!

One way to hurry the conversation along is to be prepared with questions. Here is a list of things to ask about:

  • The safety of the area
  • Quality of local schools
  • The local home owners association (if applicable)
  • Any structural concerns or home safety concerns (applicable for apartments/condos)
  • Ward demographics

Leave Contact Information

More than likely you put the bishop on the spot and he will think of other information once you hang up. Leave a phone number and/or email address so he can send you any further information he thinks of later.

  1. Hmmmmm…in my area, this is definitely handled by women. I don’t know how people get their names, but they definitely have the right women!

  2. We have moved around A LOT and i always got my best information by going to a local park and asking moms at the park about the area, including many of the questions you identified. My husband is now a bishop and while he’s an expert on our ward, he would not be very helpful in answering many of these questions.

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