President Nelson speaks to seminary students


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“My dear young brothers and sisters, I’m delighted to speak with you. I want to express my deep love for you at this exciting time in your life. As you face many wonderful opportunities, important choices, and even difficult challenges in your lives, what can help?
“I encourage you to participate in seminary. Seminary can change the course of your life. It really can! Seminary can help you learn to love and understand the scriptures. You can learn how to use the scriptures to help solve problems in your life and find answers to your questions.
“As you participate in seminary, you will feel a sense of belonging. You will learn alongside faithful friends and inspiring teachers. Most importantly, seminary will help you to know your Savior Jesus Christ and deepen your conversion to Him and to His restored gospel.
“What else can happen? In seminary, you can begin to learn how to receive personal revelation—and what a difference that will make in your life. You can learn how the Spirit speaks to you. You will grow in your confidence to share the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Your desire to be an active part of the Lord’s Youth Battalion to gather Israel will increase. You will take responsibility for strengthening your own testimony, and your faith can become rock solid.
I invite you to enroll in seminary, then attend regularly and study your scriptures daily as you do. I promise that you will receive answers to some of your most difficult questions. You will find friends you can trust. You will become a true disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. I so bless you and express my love for you, each of you, in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, amen.” – President Russell M. Nelson
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