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Pray for Eyes to See as He Sees


Pray for Eyes to See as He Sees

“Jesus Christ sees people deeply,” says Michelle Craig of the Young Women General Presidency. He sees the individual, their needs and who they can become. In her October 2020 general conference address, Sister Craig shares how each of us can see life and other people as Jesus Christ does.

“The more you understand your true identity and purpose soul deep,” she says, “the more it will influence everything in your life.”

To see others more deeply, she asks herself two questions: What is she doing that she should stop doing, and what is she not doing that she should start doing?

One day, shortly after reflecting on those questions, she felt prompted to put her phone away while standing in a grocery store check-out line.

She then noted an elderly man ahead of her who apparently had only a cat for companionship.

She engaged him in conversation, where he revealed it was his birthday.

“I don’t want to be like those in the parable of the good Samaritan who see a need and pass by,” she says.

Jesus Christ can give us eyes to see, even when it’s hard or we are tired or lonely.

“Through His grace, He will increase our capacity,” she affirms.

“With His help, we will see deeply.”

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