Phone Hack: Use Live Text and Visual Look Up on your iPhone


From Tim Ferris:

Use Live Text and Visual Look Up on your iPhone.

This is pretty amazing, and here’s a short video showing what it looks like.

I’ll focus on one use case: I frequently take pictures of key pages in books. I do this with both physical books (often books received as gifts) and Kindle books that I’ve already highlighted (to capture the highlights of my highlights). Here’s a real-world example of the latter.

Using this new feature, I can simply copy and paste directly from photos on my iPhone into Evernote, Google Docs, or elsewhere! This saves quite a few steps. Here is the official description: “With iOS 15, you can use Live Text to copy and share text within photos, translate languages, make a call, and more. And with Visual Look Up, it’s easy to identify objects found within your photos.”

Hat tip to the Sidewalk-Sprinting Zombie from Albany!

For more details on how I organize and remember what I read, see here: “How to Remember What You Read.”

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