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Olivia Carlson: From Pessimism to Paraguay | This Is Pivotal Podcast |


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Olivia Carlson: From Pessimism to Paraguay


This Is Pivotal


It has often been said that man plans and God laughs. Each of us experiences our own unique life journey, but what happens when a divine source intervenes in our plans in an unexpected way and changes everything we thought we knew about the path we were headed down. In this episode of “This Is Pivotal” I sit down with Olivia and discuss an amazing journey of faith, hope and love that leads to Paraguay.

Hi, I’m Matt Carlson, and I have a superpower. I have always been able to get people to open up and share with me deeply personal and meaningful moments from their lives. Maybe it’s because I’m not afraid to ask questions, or it’s entirely possible that my social filter doesn’t work the right way. Whatever the case may be, I have learned that these pivotal moments are the most important in our personal growth and development as humans. They are the moments that change the trajectory of our lives in meaningful and powerful ways. Join me as I talk to others about their pivotal moments and explore the lessons learned along the way.

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