Elder David A. Bednar teaches 3 fundamental truths about repentance and the ongoing remission of sins

October 2023 general conference summary | In the Path of Their Duty By Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles



  1. Recognition of Uncelebrated Service: Elder Bednar begins with a prayer expressing love and gratitude for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints worldwide, acknowledging their dedicated service.
  2. “They of the Last Wagon”: President J. Reuben Clark’s 1947 tribute to the pioneer settlers of the church, particularly those in the last wagon of wagon trains, highlights their faith, resilience, and the challenges they overcame.
  3. “No Less Serviceable”: President Howard W. Hunter emphasized the importance of those who serve diligently but receive little recognition, drawing parallels between famous figures like Captain Moroni and less conspicuous individuals like Helaman, stressing the value of quiet service.
  4. “In the Path of Their Duty”: The text recognizes and commends various groups of church members who faithfully fulfill their responsibilities, including those who reach out to the lonely, support leaders, repent and return to the faith, translate religious texts, embrace parenthood, and serve in nursery and Primary roles.
  5. Promise and Testimony: Elder Bednar concludes with a testimony to the strength of the church lying in the dedication and service of its members and a reaffirmation of faith in God’s promises.
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