New Music Features Coming to


The blog NorthTemple gives us a sneak peak at some exciting features coming to the new (still in beta), if you like music.

Its starting to look like your LDS account will have all kinds of information saved to it, not just be a way to access your ward/stake calendar. This new music stuff looks pretty cool to us, what do you think?

  1. Usually church technology developments are very far behind what I'd been imagining, but I've never thought of something like this. I wonder exactly how useful it'd be.

  2. I agree with you Aaron! That has traditionally been the way things have been with the church, at least online. However, the new FamilySearch, as well as the maps features I highlighted in a previous post, and now the scriptures and this! They're definitely making a huge move forward. They won't be behind the curve anymore, once the beta becomes final.

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