Mormon Hacker Manifesto


During last General Conference, Elder Ballard gave a great talk on simplifying and being innovative in our church responsibilities. This is what Mormon Hacker is all about. Thus, “O Be Wise,” is officially the Mormon Hacker Manifesto.

In his talk, Elder Ballard warns about people putting too much emphasis on the programs of the Church, and not on the people. Members often “complicate their service with needless frills and embellishments that occupy too much time, cost too much money, and sap too much energy.”

He gave six points which, if we as members focus on, can make church much easier and much more enjoyable.

  1. Focus on people and principles—not on programs.
  2. Be innovative.
  3. Divide the work and delegate responsibility.
  4. Eliminate guilt.
  5. We need to thoughtfully allocate our resources of time, income, and energy.
  6. Give callings that help members grow in the church, not ones that overwhelm them.

These six points will be the guiding principles of Mormon Hacker, especially #2 and #5. Check out the full text of Elder Ballard’s talk here.

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