Missionary lost family in Maui fire; sends thoughts of love and faith

Missionary lost family in Maui fire; sends thoughts of love and faith


Elder Koliniasi Latu, serving a full-time mission in Tonga, is sending a caring message to his family and friends in Maui.

A short while ago, a fire burned Lahaina, Elder Latu’s hometown.

Elder Latu’s uncle died in the fire, and the strong winds burned down many of his immediate and extended family’s homes.

In a video, Elder Latu is telling his family, friends, and neighbors that he loves them and hasn’t lost hope. He wants them to have faith and know that things can get better even after something really sad like this happens. Even though he’s far away in Tonga, he wants them to feel his love and support.

Thanks Elder Latu–for your service and encouraging words!


My name is Elder Kolin Latu. This is my companion elder Ludui and we’re serving in Lofa mission. I’m from Lahaina, Maui and if you guys know what just happened in Lahaina, they had very big fires and I just want to send out my thoughts and prayers to all the people that were affected. All my church members, my family, my friends were all affected by this fire. You know my mom, Shamad Latu, and little brother Mathieu Latu. We lost our home, my grandma guys lost their home, my great grandparents lost their home and my uncle guys lost their homes and unfortunately they lost their lives as well in the process. I think the one main thing that we all can do right now is just pray and lean towards the Lord to comfort us in this time. I know it’s just chaos and a lot’s going on but just stay firm to the iron rod and stay strong in faith and I know through our faith Heavenly Father will make sure that in the end we’ll all be able to meet again.

5 LDS members confirmed dead in Maui



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  1. My thoughts and prayers goes to all members and their families who lost their lives from this Lahaina fire especially Elder Latu’s family. May you all find comfort to know that the Plan of Salvation is Real. Thank you Elder Latu for serving the Lord. You will meet your family again. We love you hang in there. The Lord loves you.

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