According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse the Opioid epidemic claims more than 115 lives in the US every day.

A group of LDS teen musicians partnered with an adult training facility for convicted substance abusers to share a message of GRACE in hopes of bringing this issue into the light of day in our community.

Kayson Brown, director of the Lyceum Philharmonic, shares this story:

Lola Zagey was prescribed opioids after a kidney replacement surgery as a teenager. She became dependent on those drugs after their prescribed use. She came from a good home with parents and siblings who loved and supported her. Over time her addiction completely consumed her life and for more than 20 years she suffered in and out of prison, on and off the street. The drugs took everything from her until she found a program like The Other Side Academy that taught her how to “be found.” The Other Side Academy did not pay for, sponsor, or solicit this video — we just felt like Lola’s story was the perfect way to address an important issue of addiction and genuinely represent the power of this beautiful Amazing Grace arrangement.

These youth are dedicated to using their talents to make the world a better place. There are no ads on this video. The Other Side Academy generally receives their residents by application through the judicial process and is not soliciting residents. We simply feel like this is one small way in which we can use our talents to help others who are suffering to find help, hope, and access His Amazing Grace.

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