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Whether you are preparing to serve a mission, coming home from a mission, or just want to be a better member-missionary, LDS MissionCast is built for you! While missionary work is one of the most fulfilling aspects of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we aren’t always great at it, and sometimes we just need some extra motivation to get out there and do it. On top of that, the various missionary manuals don’t cover every topic, or every scenario that a missionary will encounter while sharing the gospel message.


LDS MissionCast is both entertaining, educational, and inspirational. Guests include BYU professor Daniel C. Peterson who teaches “What Missionaries (and Mormons) need to know about Islam.” While other guests include the Host, Director and Star of the latest Meet the Mormons movie. Future guests include mental health professionals to talk about anxiety and depression, addictions and how to minister to those who have them, as well as past mission presidents, missionaries preparing to serve missions, influencers and celebrities talking about their mission experiences, and a whole lot more.

LDS MissionCast is hosted by podcasting veteran, Nick Galieti and musician and actress, Kelsey Edwards. Listen to the podcast at or subscribe to the show in iTunes, Google Play, or on the Stitcher app.