Learn the Scriptures While Harnessing Your Inner Geek


Chapter and Verse has created a collectible card game like Magic the Gathering or Yu-Gi-OH based off the scripture mastery. Right now it’s in beta. They’re hoping to get feedback from users so they can refine it.

It looks pretty cool. Each card is a verse of scripture instead of some imaginary monster. Each verse has different action, light of knowledge, looking to the heavens for guidance, ect. points. So, one scripture verse could beat another verse of scripture depending on the point values. The cards are played in color groups to form “books.” The first player to get three completed books of scriptures in their libraries win.

This is a really good idea for seminary teachers to use with students to learn the scripture mastery. It could also be nice substitute for Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh on Sundays. Check it out today!

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