LDSTeach Provides Great Resources for Teaching


I stumbled upon LDSTeach today. It provides resources for home and visiting teaching. I’m going to be honest. I’m not a big fan of home teaching. Like most people I’m busy. Home teaching can suck up your time. You have to co-ordinate schedules not only with your partner, but also with your families that you teach. Then you have prepare a lesson. After that there’s the visit. Most H/T’s intend on only staying just a few minutes, but then somehow you get sucked in for an hour. Then you have to make your reports. The reporting part can be especially time consuming if your the home teaching or visiting teacher coordinator. People hardly ever call to make their reports, so you have to call them.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of home teaching. I think it really teaches members to be selfless and it can really change the lives of members who need it. I just think we often don’t take full advantage of it. Also, I know that lots of members have a hard time home teaching or don’t like doing it for a variety of reasons. (They’re shy, they don’t think they’re good teachers, they’re too bust, ect.)

I think LDSTeach has some great ideas to make home and visiting teaching much more easier and much more effective. If home teaching has been your weak spot, check them out today.

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