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Keepy: The best app to organize family photos, artwork, and school papers (and it is FREE!)

Keepy is an intuitive app that lets you digitally store and organize special memories in one spot forever.

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Keeping things tidy with kids. Not an easy task.

I used to remember what my counters looked like, but with the post-school torrent of little ones and their school papers, artwork, and other documents, I quickly forget that I even knew the colors of my countertops just hours before.

I recently began listening to THE LIFE-CHANGING HABIT OF TIDYING UP by MARIE KONDO, and I made it a goal to keep things clean and picked up. But it is against human nature (and my parental instincts) to throw things away. These little pieces of paper etched with crayon and marker are memories in the making! How can I part with them?

What if I told you that I don’t have to?

That’s right–they are all digitally recorded and catalogued for me. And it is easy using KEEPY.

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Keepy is an app that enables you to digitally store and organize all those special memories in one spot forever.

Simply CLICK HERE and create a profile for each of your children.

You then add their photos, videos, awards, drawings, etc.

OH–and one very cool feature! The app lets you privately share each memory with family and friends.

Aunts and uncles, grandparents, and other loved ones can view all the items you upload. They can even record a video comment to congratulate your child on a special accomplishment or tell them what they like about their drawing!

AND ONE LAST VERY COOL FEATURE. You can create high resolution photo books and gifts right from the KEEPY app. Moving from the digital to real world has never been easier!


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Keepy is available to download for free in the App Store, Google Play, and is also available for Kindle Fire.

You can save up to 5 videos or photos per month for free. If you would like an unlimited amount of storage, the subscription is $2.99/month or $9.99/year.

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KEEPY is a wonderful way to tidy up and make sure your memories are safely captured, organized, and recorded!



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