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One of my new favorite projects is Truth & Conviction, a dramatic series about teenage resistance fighters in Nazi Germany.

This story is inspiring, nearly unbelievable, and best of all—it’s true.

Truth & Conviction is more than a WWII movie.

Yes, it covers vital historical moments, but it also highlights themes that are just as crucial for our present day. As such, this project centers around the German teenage experience in war-torn Europe. As we watch 16-year-old Helmuth Hübener take a stand after his Jewish friend disappears, we see the courage, resilience, and grit that teenagers 80 years ago held and that budding adults can have today.

This story teaches that resistance against oppression starts with the individual. This movie will be a reminder to all that no one is too insignificant to make significant change in the world. If that’s a message that appeals to you, express interest here:
To get a taste at what the Truth & Conviction team is up to now, watch our most recent livestream where creator Matt sits down with Dr. Alan Keele, a renowned professor of German Studies and eminent scholar on the Helmuth Hübener Resistance Group.
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