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Indiana Jones was a Latter-day Saint? Consider this…


The case for Indiana Jones being a Latter Day Saint, albeit a lapsed one, is intriguing. His early scouting days in Utah align with the Church’s embrace of the scouting program in 1912. Living in Utah during that time also increases the likelihood of being a Latter-day Saint.

Moreover, Indiana’s father, a European immigrant, likely from the British Isles, adds another layer. Considering Indiana’s birth in the 1890s, his father’s immigration around the 1880s or 1870s aligns with a significant wave of British converts who settled in Utah.

The shared passion for ancient languages, records, and religious artifacts between Indiana and his father raises eyebrows. Could this fascination be influenced by the teachings of a certain founding prophet with similar interests? The opening scenes of “Raiders,” set in Central America during an archaeological expedition, hint at a potential connection to Book of Mormon interests.

Notably, Indiana Jones attended Sunday School, offering another piece of the puzzle. Despite potentially losing some faith during graduate school, his lingering affection for his LDS roots suggests a lasting impact. The question remains: is this canon until proven otherwise?

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