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UPDATE: HitBliss has announced that they’re shutting down the Beta while they revamp the product. I haven’t tried it so let me know if you have any luck using it. But I did receive my earned credit as an Amazon gift code. Seems like a bad move as it kills any momentum they have. We’ll update you if we ever hear that they’ve come back.

It takes most people at least 10 minutes to get in their car, drive to the nearest Redbox and drive home. What if I told you there’s an easier (and probably qiucker in most cases) way?

There is! It’s called Hitbliss. You install a video player on your computer or mobile device. You then watch ads and they give you Amazon Instant or Pandora One credit to use for movies, TV, or music. The cool thing is, you only have to watch 10-15 minutes of ads on Hitbliss, in order to get enough credit to rent a movie. My family and I watched Saving Mr Banks (and enjoyed it a lot) last night. It cost me about as much time as it would have cost to run to the Redbox.

The way Hitbliss can pay you so well for a little of your time, is that they can provide advertisers with both demographically targeted ads, and “focused” viewers. TV, streaming, YouTube, etc, cannot provide the same guarantees of “focused” views, and possibly not the same level of demographic targeting. They do it by having you “personalize” how fast you want to earn credit. I did the maximum. To do that, the Hitbliss app looks at my browser’s history, my search history, my location, and then asks me some demographic questions about age and income. That way they can deliver demographics other platforms can’t.

They couple that with “focused” viewing. In order to earn credit, you have to click a button or hit enter when it pops up a little message, asking you to confirm you’re still watching. As you do it, you earn points and your “trust level” goes up, meaning it will ask you less. By clicking those quickly, and at the highest earning level. I was able to get $6 of credit after only about 15minutes of watching. For right now, you can also share your referal link (mine’s used throughout this article) and get $3 for each person who uses your link, signs up, and redeems some credits.

You have to redeem your credits through the Hitbliss software. But it’s a simple process, includes the entire Amazon Instant library, and the rental shows up on your Amazon account just like any normal Amazon rental. So you’ll be able to watch via computer, Roku, Amazon Kindle Fire, Amazon Fire TV, or other Amazon Instant compatible devices like smart TV’s.

Get Hitbliss

Here’s a quick walkthrough of Hitbliss and how to maximize your earnings:

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