General Conference Activities for Children


General Conference weekend is a time that families come together and listen to our Prophet, the 12 Apostles and other general authorities.  With pen and paper in hand, many of us take notes that will help ourselves and families.  We listen intently to the messages being given over the pulpit, but for some of us, it is a chore to keep the little ones quiet long enough to receive one message, let alone the whole conference.

For years since the beginning of email, I would receive homemade general conference packets from friends and family.  The first of its kind was Conference Bingo.  A huge favorite in our home.  We have about 12 different ‘game boards’ that I printed on card stock and put each in a plastic sheet protector so they last many more conferences.  You can use any small item from Cheerios, raisins, candy,  pennies, beads or small stickers.  Choose items that work for your family and keep an eye on pieces too little for your little ones.  Once the kids win a bingo game, the kids are only allowed to eat or save the goodies in the row that made them win bingo.  That way you can extend the treats and they can look forward to more.  Playing the game helps the little ones learn to listen for key words such as; Prophet, tithing, music etc.  It is a good start to learn a good habit.

A few years ago the Church jumped on the bandwagon and are now providing the Conference Packets and

Conference Squares as they are called and can be downloaded, then printed.  They used to be found on the Friend Magazine page, but under the New site it is under the General Conference page (for the direct link CLICK HERE).  Other activities include; Online Matching Game and Coloring Pages.  If you scroll down a bit, there is a link to the to the Friend Magazine Site for additional fun for kids.  Great tools to help keep the kids quieter while we try to listen to the message and to teach our children how to listen for keywords during the weekend.

It is my hope and prayer that you and your families will enjoy General Conference weekend and you will find that the messages that are delivered help you in some way to give you inspiration to direct you and your families towards righteousness.

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