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Gathering Saints Women’s Retreat by Leading Saints | 2022


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A few more speakers have been announced: Fiona Givens,Β DeAnna Murphy,Β Sara Strong, and more.

Many women already registered for this retreat; one woman shared the following:

I have struggled my whole life to one degree or another with the knowledge that women get very few opportunities for leadership in our church. I love leading, I love responsibility, I love opportunity for growth and service. I have connected with the ideas Kurt has shared about aspiring to leadership not being a bad thing. But as a woman, there is a-whole-nother layer to that taboo. I have loved what I have gained as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but I have hated feeling like I can’t hope for more or different or better than what is currently available to me here. I would hope to meet other women that also have felt this. I would love to hear ideas about how I might find satisfaction or hope in my faith despite my concerns. I would love to see the creative ways other women have found to influence their wards and branches despite not having formal leadership callings. I would love to have my faith built and my motivation and wonder peaked. I would love to feel hope in my religion again. I would hope to find reason not to lose faith.

She is exactly the type of leader who will find a transformational experience at this retreat.

Those who attend are going to experience many stories of woman finding their place in leadership; pushing back on norms, and succeeding to make a difference in their family, communities, and church.

Check out the confirmed speakers (more to be announced soon) and register at the link below.

See Details & Register

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