Meetings with Saints Virtual Summit Leading Saints Kurt Francom

FREE VIRTUAL SUMMIT: Leading Saints hosts “Meetings with Saints”

20+ Researchers, Leaders, and Scholars Willing To Share Meeting Management Knowledge


This summit has been organized to help you:
  • Say goodbye to the lack of structure, cohesive discussion, or relevant training in your meetings.
  • Put an end to unnecessary “socializing” and talking about things that have nothing to do with the meeting just to “fill the hour”.
  • Stop calendering and running through a list of upcoming events because no one had anything to report.
  • ​End the passive-aggressive nit-picking between organizations


 YES. I NEED THIS, GET ME ACCESS NOW Free Virtual Conference


 And yes, abolish meetings just to plan more meetings.
If you want to preside over, participate in, or conduct more productive, effective, and action-oriented meetings, the Meetings With Saints Virtual Summit is what you’ve been looking for.


Over 2 weeks, as you participate in the Meetings With Saints Virtual Summit, you’re going to learn …
  • How to create real power in a meeting
  • 3 things you need to remove from any meeting setting
  • What each person in a meeting brings to the table
  • ​4 questions you should always ask yourself during a meeting
  • ​What is extremely important in any council situation



Now: I know that learning those things alone will be game-changers. But we are not trying to help you “just” change the game, we want to help you change the future of your organization to accomplish the work at hand.
I don’t want you to keep having thoughts like this former elders quorum president:
“I think my biggest struggle is too much focus on administrative issues and little focus on actual ministering to people.”


That’s why, when you attend the Meetings With Saints Virtual Summit you’ll discover:
  • What to look for in a meeting that will let you know others are confused
  • How to become an “ACE” at your meetings
  • That you should never fear having this as a goal for your meetings
  • ​One counterintuitive trait that you should value – not hate or fear


 YES. I NEED THIS, GET ME ACCESS NOW Free Virtual Conference

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