Free Music by LDS Artists


MormonTimes is now giving away a free track every week, much the same way that iTunes and Amazon MP3 does. Only these tracks are by LDS artists and labels. They make a new track available every Thurs. The new one today is “God’s Signature” by Julie de Azevedo.

You have to sign up for an account with MormonTimes, but just the first time. Also, if you like what you hear, you can sample the rest of the album that the free track is from, or click the buttons to buy additional tracks. This takes you to, which sells high-quality MP3’s without DRM, so you should be able to play them on any MP3 player out there.

Click the image to visit the free download page

As a side note, in looking into Deseret Book’s MP3’s, I also noticed that it appears their audio-books are also DRM-free. That means that unlike Audible or others, you should have absolutely no problems playing them back on any MP3 player/phone/etc. If I buy any audio-books that are available at Deseret Book, I’ll definitely buy there over other places, just for that reason.

What do you think of this free music idea? Should more LDS artists, labels, authors, and/or publishers give away some of their music, books, and other creations?

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