FREE GAME DOWNLOAD: October 2023 General Conference Game | Jeopardy style | Kristen (Elder Neil A. Andersen’s daughter)

FREE GAME DOWNLOAD: October 2023 General Conference Game | Jeopardy style | Kristen (Elder Neil A. Andersen’s daughter)


Elder Neil A. Andersen’s daughter, Kristen, creates a fun Jeopardy-esque game to review General Conference every six months. It is a great activity for family home evening, young men’s and young women’s activities, seminary, and more!

Click here to download the game, then read the rules below:

  • Open the game in slideshow mode.
  • Divide into teams.
  • The first team chooses a session and point amount. Click on the chosen question and answer.
  • If the team answers correctly, they get the points; if not, the other team has a chance to answer.
  • Click on the question again for the answer.
  • Continue taking turns until all the questions are answered or you run out of time.
  • For the final question, each team decides how many points they want to use and writes it down.
  • Click on the “FINAL QUESTION” button. Have the teams write down their answers and then share them with the group.
  • The team with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Kristen also encourages players to talk about what was meaningful to them throughout the game and to share their thoughts and testimonies.

She also encourages players to discuss specific things they will do to follow the counsel that was given in General Conference.

Most of all, remember to have fun and learn!

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