VIDEO: The Stories of Elijah | 1 Kings 17-19 | Old Testament

Faith Fluency Fuels Our Best Stories | Aaron Sherinian


As a communications professional, I love stories. Not only do I enjoy telling them about the brands and projects that are doing remarkable work, but I also enjoy hearing them. Through seeking out and listening to all kinds of stories, I become a better professional and person.

Whether or not you’re an avid news-seeker, the stories that the media chooses to tell — or not tell — shape and influence the thinking of every person. Your newsfeeds connect you to the wider world and matter to you in a deeply personal way.

The media is your public square — a place where a variety of viewpoints, perspectives and personalities should be featured. In that public square, you should see yourself reflected, both in people like yourself, and in others who might not share your identifiers, but who share your values and priorities.

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Exclusive access inside the Washington DC temple

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