COVID has created a lot of uncertainty in all of our lives. Although we do not know how things will work out, we can always be sure of God's promises: He loves us, He will protect us, and He will strengthen us to rise up to the challenges we face today. All He asks of us is that we #HearHim.

Exploring the Depth of Comfort and Covenant in 2 Nephi 8 and Isaiah 51


The Lord is the same God who “dried the sea, the waters of the great deep”. He’s not flexing…He’s comforting. When we realize that, we’ll be more likely to arise from the dust, sit down, and listen to Him.

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In 2 Nephi 8, the essence of Isaiah 51 is shared, revealing the connection of comfort and covenant.


The chapter opens with an invitation to hearken unto the call of righteousness, urging us to look back to our roots, to Abraham and Sarah, the forebears of covenants with God. This reminder of ancestral promises sets the stage for a journey of remembrance and renewal, guiding us to reflect on the enduring nature of divine connections that span generations.


Isaiah’s words paint a vivid picture of restoration and renewal, likening Zion’s transformation to a blossoming Eden, where desolation gives way to abundance, and sorrow is replaced by joy. This imagery of transforming wastelands into flourishing gardens serves as a powerful metaphor for the redemptive power of God’s love and the eternal nature of His promises.


Central to the message of 2 Nephi 8 is the theme of comfort in the face of adversity. Isaiah’s words resonate with a timeless reassurance that amidst trials and tribulations, the Lord’s righteousness endures forever, offering solace and hope to those who seek refuge in His embrace.


The call to “Awake, awake, put on strength” reverberates through the verses, urging us to rise from despair and embrace the divine strength that empowers us to overcome all challenges. This exhortation to shake off the dust of desolation and stand firm in faith is a poignant reminder of the resilience and fortitude that come from aligning our will with God’s.


Isaiah’s proclamation that the Lord pleads the cause of His people echoes with a promise of deliverance from the cup of trembling, symbolizing liberation from fear and anguish. This declaration of divine intervention and redemption signifies a turning point towards a future filled with gladness and wholeness, where sorrow and mourning are banished.


2 Nephi 8 encapsulates a message of enduring comfort, unwavering covenant, and transformative renewal. Through the lens of Isaiah’s prophetic vision, we are reminded of the steadfast love of God that transcends time and space, offering us a beacon of hope in a world fraught with challenges.

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