COVID has created a lot of uncertainty in all of our lives. Although we do not know how things will work out, we can always be sure of God's promises: He loves us, He will protect us, and He will strengthen us to rise up to the challenges we face today. All He asks of us is that we #HearHim.

Europe Area Preparedness Plan | Temporal Preparedness Manual


In view of the events in Ukraine we are aware that many local Priesthood leaders, in coordination with the Europe Area Presidency, are communicating to their members. This may include providing instructions on a few things we can do to help others and ourselves in the crisis caused by this conflict and other current circumstances.

President Nelson said β€œFor decades, the Lord’s prophets have urged us to store food, water, and financial reserves for a time of need. … I urge you to take steps to be temporally prepared. But I am even more concerned about your spiritual and emotional preparation.” Russell M. Nelson (Nov 2020)

In an effort to assist Priesthood leaders and members of the Church we are issuing some social media posts over the next few weeks with some guidance and counsel. The material will include suggestions as to how to help the refugees. It will also include information on how we can prepare for emergencies.

A good place to start is by reading the Europe Area Preparedness plan. A link is included below.

Europe Area Map

Preparing for emergencies or difficult situations can help us stay safe and feel more secure. Additionally, being prepared allows us to provide for our own needs, our family’s needs, and the needs of others when a disaster or unexpected event occurs. Use the resources shared below to start or continue your path toward being temporally prepared.

Video Content

Bishop Waddell


Discussion Guide: How Can I Minister to Others During a Crisis?

Make plans for your ward or stake:

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