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Ephraim temple groundbreaking


Ephraim Utah Temple Groundbreaking – powered by Happy Scribe

Today we will begin the work by breaking ground for another temple in this unique historic valley. Ephraim and the greater San Pete Valley have a rich history. History. The very first Latterday Saints entered this valley in the fall of 1849. Shortly after the April 2021 General Conference, I received very clear instructions that the Manti Utah Temple should be preserved and that a temple should be built in Ephraim, Utah. The history of this area includes my own family. My dear mother was born in Ephraim, a short way away from where we stand today. My father was born in Martin. Three of my four grandparents were born in Ephraim. All eight of my great grandparents Oliver in Ephraim, all were converts to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints in their native countries of England, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. I don’t think they could even talk to each other.

I am just excited for it. I’m just ready for it to get built.

As President Nelson talked about his forefathers and family from this valley, it made me think this is special.

We are really blessed with my family being from here. It was something obviously I probably won’t get the chance to do again. It was an amazing opportunity.

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