Embracing Healing and Guidance: Insights from Elder Ulisses Soares' Worldwide Devotional

Embracing Healing and Guidance: Insights from Elder Ulisses Soares’ Worldwide Devotional ##WWDevo


Elder Soares and other speakers testified of the Savior’s love and ability to bring peace amidst life’s challenges. 

Elder Ulisses Soares, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, recently delivered a powerful message of hope and guidance to young adults worldwide. Held at the Centro de Convenciones Banamex in Mexico City, Mexico, this historic event marked the first time a devotional of such magnitude was broadcast entirely in a language other than English. Joined by his wife, Sister Rosana Soares, Elder Soares illuminated the path to healing and redemption through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Drawing inspiration from Harry Anderson’s poignant portrayal of the Savior’s embrace, Elder Soares emphasized Christ’s unwavering love and invitation to find solace in His arms. He reassured listeners that one need not be perfect to receive divine love and comfort, highlighting the sanctity of the space created by Christ’s atoning sacrifice.

Addressing the concerns of young adults, Elder Soares identified five key themes:

-strengthening testimony
-enduring trials
-following God’s plan
-preparing for temple worship
-focusing on Jesus Christ

Through anecdotes and scripture, he provided practical insights into navigating life’s challenges while remaining anchored in faith.

Strengthening one’s testimony, Elder Soares emphasized, serves as both motivation and protection against adversity. Drawing parallels between the Savior’s teachings and modern-day counsel from Church leaders like President Russell M. Nelson, he underscored the importance of faith-driven action in nurturing a resilient testimony.

In addressing trials, Elder Soares acknowledged the inevitability of adversity but reminded listeners of the delayed yet certain blessings that follow righteous actions. Sister Soares echoed the importance of patience and persistence in weathering life’s storms, encouraging individuals to trust in God’s timing.

Brother Webb, a guest, shared personal experiences of recognizing God’s hand in his life, emphasizing the profound impact of seeking divine guidance. Echoing Elder Soares’ sentiment, he affirmed that adherence to God’s plan leads to lasting fulfillment and purpose.

Transitioning to the topic of temple worship, Elder Soares and Brother Webb imparted practical advice on spiritual preparedness. Emphasizing the sacredness of temple ordinances, they urged young adults to cleanse their hearts and minds, seeking guidance from Church resources to deepen their understanding of temple covenants.

Throughout the devotional, Elder Soares reiterated the centrality of Jesus Christ in the gospel’s message. Encouraging listeners to emulate Christ’s example, he urged them to align their lives with His teachings, fostering a deeper connection to the Savior’s healing power.

Reflecting on the event, attendees expressed gratitude for the opportunity to receive guidance and inspiration from an apostolic leader. Many recounted personal experiences of feeling the Spirit’s presence and receiving answers to their prayers, reaffirming their commitment to follow Christ’s example.


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