LDS coloring pages Come, Follow Me Old Testament Lesson 12: March 14โ€“20 โ€œGod Meant It unto Goodโ€ Genesis 42โ€“50

Download FREE printable coloring page for Primary | Come, Follow Me Old Testament Lesson 12: March 14โ€“20 โ€œGod Meant It unto Goodโ€ Genesis 42โ€“50




Genesis 42:ย Jacob sends his sons to buy grain in Egyptโ€”They bow before Josephโ€”He makes harsh accusations against them, imprisons Simeon, and sends them back for Benjamin.

Genesis 43:ย Jacob is persuaded to send Benjamin to Egyptโ€”Josephโ€™s brothers show respect to himโ€”They all eat and drink together.

Genesis 44:ย Joseph arranges to stop the return of his brothers to Canaanโ€”Judah offers himself in place of Benjamin for their fatherโ€™s sake.

Genesis 45:ย Joseph makes himself known to his brothersโ€”They rejoice togetherโ€”Pharaoh invites Jacob and his family to dwell in Egypt and eat the fat of the land.

Genesis 46:ย The Lord sends Jacob and his family of seventy souls to Egyptโ€”The descendants of Jacob are namedโ€”Joseph meets Jacob.

Genesis 47:ย The Israelites settle in Goshenโ€”Jacob blesses Pharaohโ€”Joseph sells grain to the Egyptiansโ€”Pharaoh receives the Egyptiansโ€™ cattle and landsโ€”Jacob desires to be buried with his fathers in Canaan.

Genesis 48:ย Jacob tells of the appearance of God to him in Luzโ€”He adopts Ephraim and Manasseh as his own childrenโ€”Jacob blesses Josephโ€”He puts Ephraim before Manassehโ€”The seed of Ephraim will become a multitude of nationsโ€”The children of Israel will come again into the land of their fathers.

Genesis 49:ย Jacob blesses his sons and their seedโ€”Reuben, Simeon, and Levi are chastenedโ€”Judah will rule until Shiloh (Christ) comesโ€”Joseph is a fruitful bough by a wellโ€”His branches (the Nephites and Lamanites) will run over the wallโ€”The Shepherd and Stone of Israel (Christ) will bless Joseph temporally and spirituallyโ€”Jacob chooses to be buried with his fathers in Canaanโ€”He yields up the ghost and is gathered to his people.

Genesis 50:ย Jacobโ€™s body is embalmedโ€”Joseph buries him in Canaanโ€”Joseph comforts his brothersโ€”The children of Israel multiplyโ€”Joseph promises that God will bring Israel out of Egypt into Canaanโ€”Joseph dies in Egypt and is embalmed.



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