Do you love Hugh Nibley? Check out his consolidated works in a single podcast

Do you love Hugh Nibley? Check out his consolidated works in a single podcast


This from a loyal Life Hacker reader!

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I have loved the work of Hugh Nibley since I discovered it at BYU. I have found a few places around the internet where I could listen to him, and even a blog that had all of the talks she could find on MP3. The problem was, it didn’t seem up to date with technology. I had to go through a whole process to get them to play on my phone, and even now I still don’t love it. I thought I could put up a podcast so that these talks and classes could be easy to access and available to anyone who wanted to listen.

I started the podcast called ‘Teachings of Hugh Nibley’ and I want to get it out to people so they can listen if they want. I do not make any money off it, I do not claim any ownership, or any of that. I just want to help people to access it because I think the information is important, and the way he communicates feels like it deepens the soul.

I am splitting the podcast up between his Pearl of Great Price class, 2 Book of Mormon classes, Approaching Zion talks, and more. I finished the first “Season,” which is his 1984 BYU class of the Pearl of Great Price. The second season that I am currently releasing are standalone talks about the Pearl of Great Price, Ancient Scriptures and Ancient Temples.



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