DIY: Mission Slide Show


If you went on a mission, you probably have a albums (or if you’re a more recent missionary, mega bytes) of photos. Instead of just leaving them in your box (or hard drive) bring them to life by making a slide show with Windows Photo Story.

You can make a professional looking slide show for absolutely free with Windows Photo Story. (The download is free.) Photo Story makes making professional looking slide shows a cinch. You pick which photos you want, put them in the order you want them, add cool special effects (my favorites are the Ken Burns documentary style panning and zooming), and add background music.

Here’s my slide show that I made from my mission using Photo Story. (It’s kind of long.)

I downloaded the punk version of “Called to Serve,” as well as the acoustic version of “Come Thou Fount” from LDS Audio. They have a large selection of LDS themed music. Downloads are .99 each. The song “Faith Like a Child” came from on of my wife’s Jars of Clay albums. (Yes, that’s right. Jars of Clay. The Christian rock band. I’ve always been suspicious of Christian rock music, but these guys are surprisingly good. Check them out.)

Making my photo story took me a few hours because I had to scan all my mission photos. However, after I finished the scanning, actually creating the slide show took less than an hour. So, this isn’t a hard project.

Bottom line: photo story is a great and easy way to share the best two years of your life with your friends, family and posterity. You can also use it as a missionary tool by e-mailing it to your non-member friends or by posting it on MySpace and YouTube. Make your mission slide show today.

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