Come, Follow Me | Old Testament Lesson 1: December 27–January 2 “This Is My Work and My Glory” Moses 1; Abraham 3 | Living Scriptures

Come, Follow Me | Old Testament Lesson 1: December 27–January 2 “This Is My Work and My Glory” Moses 1; Abraham 3 | Living Scriptures


Come Follow Me LDS 2022 (Dec 27 – Jan 2) Pearl of Great Price Moses 1 & Abraham 3 – Lost Revelations – powered by Happy Scribe

Mummies, papyri, ancient symbols, mysteries, and shocking revelations. Is it the next summer blockbuster? Nope. It’s The Pearl of Great Price.

Okay, while The Pearl of Great Price sounds like the name of a cool adventure film, as you know, it’s actually an incredible book of scripture. Apostle Franklin D. Richards originally compiled a sample of Joseph Smith’s inspired revelations, history and translations into a booklet for the missionaries and Saints in England. Included were powerful doctrines that struck traditional Christianity like a virtual Thunderbolt because many of these revolutionary teachings had been lost for millennia. Now in July of 1835, Michael Chandler brought his traveling mummy exhibition, which included ancient papyrus Scrolls to Kirtland, Ohio.

These treasures had been discovered in Egypt several years earlier in a tomb not far from the ancient city of Thebes. When he arrived in Kirtland, Mr. Chandler offered to sell four mummies and some papyrus Scrolls which the Prophet Joseph was inspired to buy and translate. Okay. When we think about someone translating text, we usually picture them sitting down with dictionaries in both languages and translating word for word from one language to the other.

But as God’s chosen Prophet seer and Revelator, the process of translation was more about revelation from God. These ancient papyrus Scrolls prompted Joseph to seek this divine communication, and God revealed the teachings of the Prophet Abraham that had been lost from the Bible. Abraham’s writings explained that he saw God and spoke with him face to face. God taught him about the universe, light, planets, and the reckoning of time. He also learned that there’s an order and organization to the entire universe.

Because God is not a God of chaos. Then God put his hands on Abraham’s eyes, and Abraham saw many things God’s hands had made, including the Earth, the stars and all things. Therein. Abraham witnessed the premortal world and the intelligences that were organized before the world was which included every one of us. Among them were Mary of the Noble and great ones who God indicated these.

I will make my rulers, Abraham. Thou art one of them. Thou wast chosen before thou wast born. We will make an Earth whereon these made well, and we will prove them herewith to see if they will do all things whatsoever. The Lord, their God shall command them next.

God said, Whom shall I send? And Christ answered Here am I send me? And God chose Christ to be the Creator, Redeemer and savior of the world. Satan, however, was furious because he wanted all of the power and glory. So he rebelled and led away a third of God’s children.

And today continues to try and destroy all of God’s children. Wow. Now we know another person who saw and spoke with God face to face was Joseph Smith. After finishing the translation of the Book of Mormon, Joseph was commanded to translate the Bible through revelation, which we call the Joseph Smith translation. It contains prophetic inspiration, edits and additions to clarify and restore things to the Bible that were lost for centuries.

While translating the Book of Genesis, Joseph discovered that incredibly large chunks were missing, but God revealed them and they are now included in the Book of Moses. These chapters cast a pretty bad light on Satan, so it’s unsurprising that he’d want them gone.

So you’ve heard of Moses, who was born a son of a Hebrew slave but was raised as a grandson of Pharaoh. Moses had spent the last 40 years living in the wilderness with his wife Sephora, and his fatherinlaw Jethro. With its unique background of Hebrew royalty and Prophet. God called Moses to return to Egypt and set his people free. A huge part of the story missing from the Bible is what happened to Moses on his way back to Egypt, which we find in the Pearl of great Price.

While traveling, he was suddenly translocated to the top of a mountain and transfigured so he could see and talk with God face to face in a vision. God clearly introduced himself and then three times lovingly called Moses my son assuring him who his and our real father is. By the way, things repeated three times in Scripture usually signify a superlative or the most of something. God then showed Moses the entirety of the Earth he had created and all who will ever live on it. The sheer magnitude of this information overloaded Moses and he fainted when he finally came to he was alone and awestruck how puny humans were compared to God’s infinite greatness.

He marveled how his physical body had to be changed just to be in God’s presence. Then, like a bad magician, Satan appeared and tried to tempt him with his song and dance, demanding Moses son of man worship me. Confused, Moses thought, Hold on, who is this guy? And stated, I’m a Son of God. Who are you?

Then, realizing he could easily see this charlatan without God’s miraculous transfiguring power, Moses recognized Satan and told him to depart three times. But Satan didn’t leave and got increasingly angry and attempted the ultimate identity theft by shouting, I am the only begotten worship me. Frightened, Moses finally called upon the authentic only begotten of the Father Jesus Christ, and something changed. Satan shook violently and cried with a loud voice, wept, wailed and gnashed his teeth but was forced to depart from Moses presence. Clearly, Satan had done everything in his power to have this story and others removed from the original book of Genesis in the Bible because they not only teach of our divine heritage and God’s greatness but who Satan is, how he works and how we can cast him out in the name of Jesus Christ.

And when important truths do go missing, God uses his modern prophets like Joseph Smith to restore them back to the Earth. Next week we’ll discuss the truth in the centuriesold debate of God versus science, which is right.

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I Am a Child of God

Moses 1; Abraham 3 | December 27 – January 2

Moses saw a vision where the Lord told him that he was a son of God. That knowledge helped him to overcome the temptations of Satan which followed the inspiring revelation. Moses had learned that he could call on the name of the Lord when he needed help.

Abraham saw a vision where he also learned that he was a son of God, and he saw many things the Lord had created. Abraham saw our pre-earth life. The Lord told Abraham that he was chosen before he was born to be one of the “noble and great ones.” Abraham was taught that Jesus Christ was chosen to be our Savior, and that the earth was created as a place where we could learn and be tested.

Heavenly Father loves us, and it is His work and glory to help us return to Him.


Read and Discuss


Moses 1:39

“For behold, this is my work and my gloryto bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.”

  • Why is it important to know that we are children of God?
  • How can we resist the temptations of Satan?
  • How did we get the books of Moses and Abraham?


“There is much we can learn from Moses’s mighty response to temptation from the adversary. I invite you to respond in the same way when you feel influenced by temptation. Command the enemy of your soul by saying: ‘Go away! You have no glory. Do not tempt or lie to me! For I know I am a child of God. And I will always call upon my God for His help.'” Gary E. Stevenson

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