Bentonville arkansas temple VIDEO: 3D rendering of Bentonville Arkansas Temple | The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Come, Follow Me | “For the Salvation of Zion” | Doctrine and Covenants 94–97 | Latter-day Life Hacker


Come, Follow Me | “For the Salvation of Zion” | Doctrine and Covenants 94–97 | Latter-day Life Hacker

From this week’s #ComeFollowMe discussion with formerly phread and John Dye and the Mormon News Report:

Our Heavenly Parents want us to understand them, and we want to understand God. One of the oldest foundational myths is an attempt to do that, telling the story of a great tower constructed to reach the heavens. In Akkadian, the city was called ‘babilim’, meaning the ‘gate of god’. They believed, like later babylonians and other mediterranean cultures, that the gods lived on mountain tops, in the storms, and could grant humans powers if you could entice them to join you.

So the crazy idea was to build an artificial mountain, with a palace of riches on top, where the god might come to dwell. These artificial mountains, known as ‘ziggurats’ or holy towers, became the center of their worship. Only the priestly class could ascend, and if reached the summit and communed with the divine, then their safety and supremacy would be assured.

In our day, in the tops of our spiritual mountains, do we not do the same? We seek to reach that knowledge that is not spoken of, to commune in a sacred embrace with the father who gave us life, to be wrapped around and enrobed in holy cloth


By so doing we can zoom out to the celestial view, where our perspective changes and the breadth of our existence becomes visible. Our mortal timeline shrinks. Life challenges previously looming large turn out to be not quite so big after all.

All that and more is awaiting for us if we worship in that Holy House, and then adjust our life behavior *after* having been there.

The temple, then, is not the end of a journey, or the final checkbox on a spiritual to do list — it’s the beginning. The first step on a new life.

The question isn’t whether we have been through the temple, but whether the temple has been through us.


January 21, 1836, A Night of Visions

Pentecost Continued

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