Makings by Meikah gives one member's view on inclusion (and lack thereof) and institutional racism in Church History

Combating Racism: A Call to Action for Building Christ-centered Communities | Utah Area Training 2023


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Combating Racism: A Call to Action for Building Christ-centered Communities


In a world rife racial prejudice and discrimination, it is imperative for us to heed the call to become true disciples of Jesus Christ as emphasized in the recent Utah area plan. The core tenet of being Christ’s disciples is to embody love for one another, transcending ethnic, cultural, and religious differences. However, the lamentable reality is that racism continues to rear its ugly head in schools, communities, and even places of worship. As experts in our respective fields, it is incumbent upon us to take a stand against racism and work towards establishing Christ-like communities of faith, unity, and covenant belonging.


The unequivocal stance of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints against racism serves as a guiding light in our crusade against prejudice and discrimination. It is paramount to recognize that racism is a violation of the fundamental commandments to love God and His children. Our standing with God is contingent upon our devotion to Him and His commandments, not on the color of our skin, ethnicity, or any other attributes. As experts, we must spread this message far and wide, advocating for the eradication of racism in all its forms.


The urgent need to root out prejudice and discrimination from our churches, homes, and hearts cannot be overstated. It is incumbent upon us to be diligent in our efforts to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all individuals, irrespective of their race or cultural background. As we strive to build Zion, we must be unwavering in our commitment to eliminating behaviors and thought patterns that perpetuate racism. This requires deliberate action, and as experts, we must lead the charge in fostering unity, love, and understanding in our communities.


President Russell M. Nelson’s impassioned plea for us to examine our discipleship within the context of how we treat others resonates deeply. It is incumbent upon us, as experts and leaders in our respective domains, to heed this call to action and make necessary adjustments to ensure that our behavior is ennobling, respectful, and representative of true discipleship. We must replace belligerence with beseeching, animosity with understanding, and contention with peace, setting a powerful example for others to follow.


As we counsel together in our families and organizations, it is crucial to emphasize the importance of treating all individuals with kindness and respect. We must actively teach our children not to exclude anyone and to stand up against bullying or discrimination based on race or differences. By instilling these values in the next generation, we pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable society. It is high time that we, as experts and leaders, take a firm stand and declare, “It stops here, it stops now, it stops with me.”


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