Take a moment to picture the Bible characters you have heard and seen over the years. What race are they?

Check out the John A. Widtsoe Foundation’s Come, Follow Me Interfaith Conversation about The Book of Ruth for Come, Follow Me study



Check out our latest Come, Follow Me Interfaith Conversation about The Book of Ruth for this week’s Come, Follow Me study

On May 22, Foundation Board member Laura Redford spoke with Dr. Ora Horn Prouser about Jewish interpretations of the stories found in the Book of Ruth. Dr. Prouser also answered questions from our live audience. We hope it will provide depth and context for your study of Ruth in your June 6-12 Come, Follow Me reading.

We hope you enjoy this conversation, and we’d love your help sharing this new resource with your friends and family on social media!

Live events are recorded, and you can find the video replay on the Widtsoe Foundation website, check it out below.

The Widtsoe Foundation also has a podcast if you prefer to listen to the audio only, check it out below.

If you’d like a chance to ask our guests your own questions during our live Q&A webinars, make sure to register now to save your spot!

Our next event will be on Sunday, June 19 atย 2:00 pm PDT! We’ll be discussing Elijah with Dr. Jared Ludlow and Dr. Kristine Garroway.

Please note that the June 19 virtual event will be slightly earlier than our regularly scheduled events, to accommodate for Father’s Day.ย 

*If you do not receive a confirmation email with the event information from Wix Events immediately following your registration, please check your email spam/trash folder, otherwise, feel free to contact information@widtsoefoundation.org with questions about registering for events.

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