Download this book: Fifty-One Tasks for Increased Preparedness (Kindle Edition) by David Dye

Get a buzz by doing something fun AND prepping. This is not a list to end all lists. It is a start. Do one thing, and five more will come to mind. Make your own list. Take inventory of your life, and what needs to be done. Some of what you do will need to be done, and will be laborious. Some will need to be done, but will be a blast. But it will all be useful. And when your family is bored, pull this list out with the mind to check one thing off the list. Everything on here is a good use of time.
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VIDEO: The Epic Hand Washing Parody by Peter Hollens Mormon LDS Corona Covid

VIDEO: The Epic Hand Washing Parody by Peter Hollens

YouTube star Peter Hollens is fighting to channel the coronavirus panic in the right direction. That’s the same #1 Billboard-charting artist behind mega-faith hits How Great Thou Art, Amazing Grace, and Mary, Did You Know? with hundreds of millions of views. He has also appeared in many key video for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (note: he is not a member, but often gets mistaken as one ?).
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Special 911 First Responders at Ground Zero: (Back and White Photos) Book #NeverForget #NeverForget911

First responders were not prepared for the horrific scene of death and destruction that awaited them. This is the story of those first responders during the first hours after the attack on 9-11. Their stories helped to re-shape the training and preparations today’s first responders receive to be better prepared for the challenges that may one day come.
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Uchtdorf refugee Trump LDS Mormon Life Hacker

Elder Uchtdorf’s feelings about being a refugee

“The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is concerned about the temporal and spiritual welfare of all of God’s children across the earth,” the statement said, “with special concern for those who are fleeing physical violence, war and religious persecution. The church urges all people and governments to cooperate fully in seeking the best solutions to meet human needs and relieve suffering.”—LDS Church statement
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