Missionary Artists

Called to serve or called to oeuvre? LDS missionaries showcase their artistic talents


As we begin to emerge from the latest Covid-19 variant and are cautiously optimistic about the future, we can recognize some of the changes to the way the Gospel is being shared online.ย  From social media to social distancing, and from sanitizers to safety masks, 2020 onwards has stretched the boundaries of what is to be expected during the daily regime of missionary work.

One trend that has caught my eye is the incredible number of missionary artists that have showcased their skills over the last two years.

So, where can you find many of their works?

There is a public group on Facebook called Missionary Artists.

Rock Art (missionary style)
Missionaries in the Arkansas Little Rock Mission have literally taken to creatively painting rocks to share the Gospel! What a great way to involve members and make sharing (and finding) the Gospel an adventure!

Illustrating what makes a prophet
This missionary demonstrates how to illustrate a portrait of the Prophet Joseph.

The light and dark make the art
Elder Tylor Nuttall creates some incredible images, including the one of the Savior with colored pencils and ink liners (it almost appears digital).

Making the Book of Mormon Personal
Many missionaries are showing their artistic skills (and employing the abilities of members) to paint the covers of copies of the Book of Mormon!

You can see even more cover art and awesome illustrations here!

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