Build your family tree with Gini


Over at Lifehacker, they’ve done a write up about a great online family tree collaboration site called Geni. (It also looks like Sustaind has picked up on it to.)

How it works

You start a branch and include an email address of people you want to invite to collaborate on the family tree. They can provide information that you may or may not have about your family. They can build branches of people directly related to them.

The app is flash based so it’s really easy and slick to work with.

What makes this site powerful is the social aspect of it. The power of the collective is amazing. This is one of the benefits of Web 2.0: the ability for several people to collaborate on a project. I think genealogy can especially benefit from online collaboration. Eventually, you’ll be able to see how many people you’re connected to both livig and dead. Pretty cool.
Start a free account today and invite your family!
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