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BYU AdLab students are doing some pretty cool things with single pages of the Book of Mormon. Take a look!

Piggybacking on a round-the-globe field study experience already in the works, the group set up displays in Sydney, London, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Cape Town, South Africa, and asked passersby to participate in an experiment: read a single page from a Christian book and highlight mentions of deity. The students then asked participants for their impressions.

People of various belief systems—Christians, atheists, Muslims, and others—collectively read all 531 pages of the Book of Mormon. Their collective impression? This is a book about Jesus Christ.


Read the full article from BYU Magazine here!

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Katie, China, Agnostic, page 527 “It was really cool. I had never read a religious book until today. I got to see what everyone is talking about and identify those words.”


Sylvanus, Benin, Catholic, page 357 “Being from a country that knows something of oppression and war [Benin], I know what it means to pray for freedom. I felt this page tell me God will bless people of faith with the freedom they desire.”

Nazam, United Kingdom, Muslim, page 239 “I can see a lot of similarities between what I read here and what I read in the Quran. I do not think the two are as different as many believe them to be. I think we actually believe very similar things. I felt good as I read it, and as long as it is teaching people to be good to one another, then I believe it to be good.”


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Kirsti, South Africa, Christian, page 274 “Religion should be about bringing people together and overcoming our differences to become united. In South Africa we have so many differences; we need more of what this verse taught me, that we can be one in Christ.”

Read the full article from BYU Magazine here!