April 2022 General Conference | Sunday Sessions | #GeneralConference | Cliffs Notes | Spark Notes

April 2022 General Conference | Sunday Sessions | #GeneralConference | Cliffs Notes | Spark Notes


Sunday Afternoon Session 

Hymn: (Hymn) – Hymn (#)

Conducting: President Henry B. Eyring – 2nd Counselor in the First Presidency

Hymn: In Hymns of Praise – Hymn 75

Invocation: Evan A Schmutz of the Seventy

  • May we be armed with power

Hymn: I Love to See the Temple – Children’s Songbook pg. 95

Talk: President Dallin H. Oaks – First Counselor, First Presidency

Divine Love in the Father’s Plan

Themes: God’s plan. God’s love. Church policies 

  • Which is the great commandment in the law?  
    • Love God and neighbors
    • Allow us to grow spiritually by imitating his love for us. 
  • The gospel plan shows our Heavenly Father’s love for all His children. 
    • To understand this, we must seek to understand His plan and His commandments
  • Common misunderstanding that good people go to heaven and bad go to hell.
    • God’s plan is better.
      • All children of God go to a kingdom of glory
  • Understanding Heavenly Father’s gospel plan and His commandments reveals His love for His children. 
    • He loves His children so much that He gave His Son to suffer and die for them and become their Savior.
  • To help us develop the godly attributes and the change in nature necessary to realize our divine potential, the Lord has revealed doctrine and established commandments based on eternal law
  • The revealed doctrine of the Restored Church of Jesus Christ teaches that all the children of God — with exceptions too limited to consider here — will finally wind up in a kingdom of glory
  • I wish we all had a better understanding of the loving doctrine and policies that our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ have established in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • We are commanded to teach and contend for principles and practices that provide the best conditions for the development and happiness of children under God’s plan.
  • The purpose of the Church’s doctrine and policies is to prepare God’s children for salvation in celestial glory. 
    • The covenants made and the blessings promised to the faithful in the temples of God are the key.
  • In the restored Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we have a unique understanding of our Heavenly Father’s plan. 
    • This gives us a different way of viewing the purpose of mortal life, the divine judgment that follows it and the ultimate glorious destiny of all of God’s children.
  • Jesus taught that His Father’s House has many mansions (John 14:6)
    • Modern revelation shows us they are different glories 
      • Celestial
      • Terrestrial
      • Telestial
  • All will be judged according to his deeds and desires of his heart
  • Comparatively little known about two kingdoms, more known about the celestial kingdom 
    • In the Celestial glory there are 3 degrees or levels
    • Highest glory is exaltation, where we can realize divine potential 
      • Doctrines and policies of church are to prepare people for this degree of glory
  • God’s kingdom has many mansions. 
    • God will give each of his children as much as he can, as much as they can accept, as much as they can enjoy. 
      • God will give you more than you think you deserve.
  • Temples with corresponding ordinances and covenants are key to this degree of glory. 
  • All kingdoms have a law given
  • The kingdom of glory we receive in the Final Judgment is determined by the laws we choose to abide in our Heavenly Father’s loving plan
  • The Church honors individual agency, promotes religious freedom and seeks to share the gospel’s blessings with all. 
    • We do this because the Lord has taught us to esteem all of His children as our brothers and sisters, and we want to share our spiritual and temporal abundance with everyone.
  • We allow all the freedom to choose. 
  • Most are aware of this Church’s great efforts to promote religious freedom. 
    • These efforts are in furtherance of our Heavenly Father’s plan. 
      • We seek to help all of His children, not just our own members, enjoy the precious freedom to choose.
  • The bearing and nurturing of children are part of the divine plan 
  • We are known as a family centered church 
  • Our family centeredness is not limited to mortal relationships
    • Eternal relationships are fundamental to our theology. 
  • Exaltation is more than salvation. 
    • Salvation is an individual matter
    • Exaltation is a family matter. 
  • Fundamental to us is God’s revelation that exaltation can only be attained through faithfulness to the covenants of an eternal marriage between a man and a woman
  • Exaltation can only be obtained through faithfulness to covenants of eternal marriage made between a man and woman. 
    • This is the underlying reason why the Lord has commanded the church to oppose efforts to homogenize the roles of men and women. 
  • Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose.
  • The Lord has taught us to esteem all of His children as our brothers and sisters and we want to share our spiritual and temporal abundance with everyone.
  • Distorting marriage, discouraging child-bearing, and confusing gender 
  • Our Heavenly Father’s plan allows for opposition in all things and Satan’s most strenuous opposition is directed at whatever is most important to that plan
  • As followers of Christ who should love our fellowmen, we should live peacefully with those who do not believe as we do
  • God desires all of us to strive for His greatest possible blessings by keeping His highest commandments, covenants and ordinances, all of which culminate in His holy temples being built throughout the world
  • We affirm that the Family Proclamation, founded on unchangeable doctrine, defines the kind of family relationships where the most important part of our eternal development can occur.
  • Family Proclamation is in opposition to modern trends 
    • It is not a changeable statement of policy, but founded on fundamental doctrines of eternity. 

Talk: Elder Adeyinka A. Ojediran – of the Seventy

The Covenant Path: The Way to Eternal Life

Themes: Covenants

  • Heavenly Father’s children who live on this earth should prepare to return to Him by doing everything He commands
  • The path to perfection is the covenant path and Jesus Christ is the center of all ordinances and covenants
  • We are saved by enduring to the end by following the Lord Jesus Christ. 
  • The doctrine of Christ helps us find and stay on the covenant path. 
  • Covenants work as a compass, leading us back to him. 
  • Covenants made through ordinances like baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, priesthood ordination, the sacrament and temple ordinances are markers on the path to God.
  • The Savior emphasized two things that help maintain fidelity to covenants. 
    • First, the Holy Ghost teaches and reminds of the Savior’s teachings. 
      • He can be our constant companion to guide us on the covenant path.
    • Second, by participating in the sacrament, remembering the Savior and keeping His commandments, “we shall have His Spirit to be with us.” 
      • The Lord also “renews the promised remission of sin.”
  • We need the Spirit to help us navigate through mortality and the sacrament to energize our spiritual being
  • And that thou mayest more fully keep thyself unspotted from the world, thou shalt go to the house of prayer and offer up thy sacraments upon my holy day; – D&C 59:9
  • In the scriptures, we find the invitation for us to come to the Lord repeated over 90 times, and more than half of these are personal invitations from the Lord Himself
    • Accepting the Savior’s invitation means partaking of His ordinances and keeping our covenants with Him
  • As you regularly partake of the Savior’s emblem through the sacrament, you will have His Spirit to guide you on the covenant path and stay faithful to your covenants
  • Nephi counseled that all is not done by merely getting into the strait and narrow path; we must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope and a love of God and of all men
  • Jesus Christ invites all to take His yoke upon them to find “rest in this tumultuous world.” 

Talk: Elder Jörg Klebingat – of the Seventy


Themes: Moral agency

  • God won’t force us to do good, and Satan can’t force us to do evil. 
  • It is our strength that is being tested, not Gods. 
  • It is hard to live our faith without enduring some fingers of scorn.
  • Should we be intimidated or afraid? 
    • With faith in Christ, nope. 
  • A god who makes no demands is functionally equivalent to a god that doesn’t exist. 
  • Consistently following the Lord is rewarding.
  • Crowds cannot make right what God has commanded to be wrong. 
  • Respectfully demonstrate to love a child of God different from our own. 
    • We can respect others without endorsing actions or beliefs that contradict God’s will. 
  • Zion and Babylon are incompatible 
  • Those who choose the Lord’s way will endure persecution. 
  • Moral relativists believe there is no truth, and morals are social constructs. 
    • Turns out, that’s not true. 
  • Am I firmly built on the rock of Christ and His servants?
  • As faithful disciples, we need not apologize for our beliefs. 
  • Choose ye this day whom ye shall serve – Joshua 24:15
  • It is a good day to be good.
  • We can accept and respect others without endorsing their beliefs or actions that do not align with the Lord’s will. 
    • There is no need to sacrifice truth on the altar of agreeableness and social desirability


Talk: Brother Mark L. Pace – Sunday School General President 

Conversion Is Our Goal

Themes: Come Follow Me: Personal and Family Scripture study

  • The aim of “Come, Follow Me” and other gospel learning is to deepen one’s conversion to the gospel
  • That is the miracle we seek — when one person has an experience in the scriptures and that experience is blessed by the influence of the Holy Ghost. 
    • Such experiences are precious foundation stones for our conversion to the Savior.”
  • Gospel learning that results in true conversion requires the influence of the Holy Ghost 
  • There is no substitute for the time you spend in the scriptures, hearing the Holy Ghost speak directly to you
  • In ancient times, God’s obedient people were blessed with freedom and safety. 
    • Today, as we follow the Lord’s direction, given through our living Prophet, President Nelson, we are equally blessed with conversion in our hearts and protection in our homes.
  • Just as the Israelites put blood on the doorframe as an outward expression of an inward belief, Latter-day Saints are utilizing “Come, Follow Me” as part of their effort to “place the blood of the Lamb of God” on the entrances of their homes. 
    • “They are demonstrating their inward commitment to follow the Savior. 
    • Their faith precedes the miracle. 
      • It is the miracle of one person having an experience in the scriptures, and that experience being blessed by the influence of the Holy Ghost.”, 
  • There is no substitute for the conversion power found in personally spending time with the scriptures and hearing the whisperings of the Holy Ghost. 
    • “Come, Follow Me” is a sacred conduit helping students of the gospel enrich their spiritual well-being.
  • To be most effective, your experiences with the scriptures must be your own.
    • Listening to others’ insights can be helpful but cannot replace personal study
  • Spiritual foundations must be constantly reinforced. 
  • Spiritual experiences must be our own.   
    • There is no substitute for personal spiritual experiences. 
    • What is the Holy Ghost teaching me this week?
  • Four blessings to Come Follow Me: 
    • Your sabbaths will be a delight,
    •  excited children, 
    • influence of the adversary will be reduced, 
    • changes will be dramatic and sustaining 
  • When we study the scriptures, there is no spiritual famine in the land. 


Hymn: We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet – Hymn 19

Talk: Elder Ulisses Soares – Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

In Awe of Christ and His Gospel


  • When we truly are in awe of Jesus Christ and His gospel, we are happier, we have more enthusiasm for God’s work, and we recognize the Lord’s hand in all things
    • Additionally, the study of God’s words becomes more meaningful, prayers more intentional, worship more reverent and service in God’s kingdom more diligent
  • When we live in this way, we become more spiritually resilient and protected against falling into the trap of spiritual apathy
  • Strengthening one’s spiritual wonder and joyfully keeping covenants can be done in the midst of trials and challenges.
  • As we genuinely and continually strive to learn of the Savior and follow His example, I promise you, in His name, that His divine attributes will be written in our minds and hearts, that we will become more like Him, and that we will walk with Him
  • May the remembrance of what our eyes have seen and our hearts have felt increase our amazement at the Savior’s atoning sacrifice, which can heal us of our spiritual and emotional wounds and help us to draw closer to Him
  • Complacency is a deadly foe of all spiritual growth. 
  • Core of life’s journey is loving God and neighbor 
  • Ability to feel Savior’s influence and love will be magnified; our gratitude for blessings and challenges will increase. 
  • The savior has provided a way out of the trap of spiritual apathy. 
  • There is always something wonderful to learn of Jesus Chreist and His gospel
  • Learn of me, and listen to my words; walk in the meekness of my Spirit, and you shall have peace in me.
  • We need to immerse ourselves with faith and real intent in the Savior’s teachings, striving to incorporate His attributes into our way of being
  • Wes accepted Christ’s invitation to learn of him. 
    • One day he was contacted via facebook by a missionary. 
    • Missionaries provided weekly acts of services. 
    • Wes’s flame was rekindled. 
    • It brought him spiritually and emotionally back to life. 
  • There is always something fascinating and wonderful to learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • The Lord has made wonderful promises that are extended to all those, including us, who seek to learn of Him and incorporate His words into their lives
  • When we intentionally and truly dedicate ourselves with an eye toward Christ, we learn from His perfect example and come to know Him better
  • My beloved brothers and sisters, I pray that we will ever stand in awe of Jesus Christ and His complete, infinite and perfect love

Talk: Elder Randy D. Funk – of the Seventy

Come Into the Fold of God


  • We must always CHOOSE to become disciples and CHOOSE how we live afterward
    • This is agency
  • The gift of agency is not just the ability to choose, it is the opportunity to choose the right. 
  • At the waters of Mormon, Alma’s baptismal covenant invitation begins with “as ye are desirous to come into the fold of God.”
  • To receive the marvelous blessings promised to those who come into the fold of God requires us to do just that — we need to choose to come
  • Coming to the fold of God is through faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism and confirmation, and through continuing faithfulness. (4th Article of Faith)
    • To those people, Alma promised four blessings: 
      •  ‘be redeemed of God,’ 
      • ‘be numbered with those of the first resurrection,’
      • ‘have eternal life’ 
      • the Lord will ‘pour out his Spirit more abundantly upon you.’”
  • A fold is a large enclosure with one opening where the sheep are protected at night. 
    • The safety and well-being of the sheep depend on their willingness to come into the fold and to stay in the fold.
  • There are those who may feel that they are at the edge of the flock — that they aren’t needed or don’t belong. 
    • And there may be times where toes are stepped on and repentance or forgiveness is needed.
  • The blessings that flow into the lives of those who follow the example and teachings of Jesus Christ, who choose to be counted among His disciples, are numerous, joyful and eternal.
  • Within the fold of God, we sometimes step on each others’ toes and need to repent or forgive.. 
  • Within the fold of God, we experience His watchful, nurturing care and are blessed to feel His redeeming love
  • The safety and well-being of the sheep depend on their willingness to come into the fold and to stay in the fold
  • My dear friends, please continue the journey and help others to come fully into the fold of God. 
    • The blessings of the gospel of Jesus Christ are immeasurable because they are eternal
  • No amount of personal improvement on our part can make us clean from the sins we have committed or whole from the wounds we have suffered without the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He is our redeemer.

Hymn: The Iron Rod – Hymn 274

Talk: Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf – Quorum of the 12 

Our Heartfelt All


  • The Widow’s Mite (Mark 12:41–44)
    • Taught us how offerings are measured in the Lord’s Kingdom
    • Measured by the effect on the donor, not by the effect on the fund. 
  • We wrongly think balancing means devoting equal time to multiple things 
  • Very few of us will ever be asked to sacrifice our lives for the Savior. 
    • But we are all invited to consecrate our lives to Him
  • Balancing the demands of life with the desire to offer a whole soul to the Lord does not mean dividing time evenly among competing interests. 
  • Balance like riding a bicycle or lift like flying an airplane.
    • Bicycle riding
      • The Uchtdorfs don’t have to worry about keeping their balance. 
      • But when he watches someone learning how, it takes time, practice and a few falls. 
      • Focus on the destination and get peddling!
    • Flying an airplane
      • What keeps these machines flying?
      • Planes get lift from air moving over its wings. 
      • Forward thrust is required to provide the lift. 
  • Just as forward momentum keeps a bicycle balanced and upright, moving forward helps an aircraft overcome the pull of gravity and drag
  • If we want to find balance, our commitment can’t be casual or occasional. We must offer our whole souls. ‘You’re offering may be small, but you must offer your whole souls’ (Suggesting you may have a small soul:)
  • What about tasks that make our lives busy? 
  • Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added to you. (Matthew 6:33)
  • Let some things go so other things grow. 
  • When we consecrate, we put it to use in the Lord’s service.   
    • We increase them many fold. 
  • As we seek to purify our lives and look unto Christ in every thought, everything else begins to align
  • We are all invited to consecrate our lives to Him. 
  • It becomes one work, one joy, one holy purpose.
  • We sacrifice anything that is holding us back and consecrating the rest to move the work forward. 
  • This is how we offer our whole souls — by sacrificing anything that’s holding us back and consecrating the rest to the Lord and His purposes
  • Sacrifice and consecration require “letting some things go and letting other things grow.” 
    • Most people will not be asked to sacrifice their lives for the Savior, but everyone is invited to consecrate their lives to Him. 
    • When looking unto Christ in every thought, everything begins to align into one work, one joy and one purpose. 
  • Heavenly Father knows the hearts of His children. 
    • Efforts to love and serve Him will purify hearts. 
    • The widow knew “her offering would not change the fortunes of Israel, but it could change and bless her.”

Talk: President Russell M. Nelson – (Calling)

Now Is the Time


  • Learning from the past and preparing for the future are important. 
    • But now is the time to learn, repent, bless others and “lift up the hands which hang down.”
  • We have received important directions for the future. 
    • My prayer is that the Spirit has spoken to you directly about things the Lord would have you do
  • This conference has been a blessing through the prayers, messages and music. 
    • It has also come with important directions for the future. 
      • The future is always uncertain. 
      • Weather, economic cycles, disasters, wars, accidents and illness are unpredictable and can change life quickly. 
      • But there are some things we can control, including how we spend our time each day
  • The adversary never sleeps
  • There will always be opposition to the truth. 
    • I repeat my urging from this morning to do those things that will increase your positive spiritual momentum, to keep you moving forward through whatever challenges and opportunities come.”
  • The shadow on my finger cast (Henry Van Dyke)
    • The shadow by my finger cast

Divides the future from the past:

Before it, sleeps the unborn hour,

In darkness, and beyond thy power.

Behind its unreturning line,

The vanished hour, no longer thine:

One hour alone is in thy hands,-

The NOW on which the shadow stands.

  • Now is the time we can learn, repent, and bless others. 
  • Do those things that increase positive spiritual momentum.
  • 44 new temples are under construction and more are being renewed
  • 17 New temple announcements: – Map
    • Wellington, New Zealand
    • Brazzaville, Republic of Congo
    • Barcelona, Spain
    • Birmingham, United Kingdom
    • Cusco, Peru
    • Maceió, Brazil
    • Santos, Brazil
    • San Luis Potosí, México
    • Mexico City Benemérito, México
    • Tampa, Florida
    • Knoxville, Tennessee
    • Cleveland, Ohio
    • Wichita, Kansas
    • Austin, Texas
    • Missoula, Montana
    • Montpelier, Idaho
    • Modesto, California
  • Positive spiritual momentum increases through worshiping in the temple.
    • Counter worldly ways by focusing on the eternal blessings of the temple
    • The temples under construction and the 17 new announced temples will bless lives on both sides of the veil. 
    • The Lord leads and guides His Church. 
    • “May we be a people worthy of the Lord, who said, ‘Ye shall be my people, and I will be your God.’”


Hymn: Our Prayer to Thee – Hymn (#)

Benediction: Vern P Stanfill – president of the North America Southeast Area 

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192nd Annual General Conference * April 2 – 3, 2022

Saturday AM * Saturday PM * Women’s Session * Sunday AM * Sunday PM



  • Wow. A second Temple on the I-4 Corridor



  • Stay faithful to our covenants
  • Choose whom ye shall serve
  • Study the Scriptures more
  • Do those things that will increase positive spiritual momentum 
  • Go to the Temple

Music and Spoken Word –

April 3, 2022

Hymn: Gently Raise the Sacred Strain- Hymn 146

Hymn: Awake and Arise, All Ye Children of Light

Hymn: A Child’s Prayer – Children’s Songbook pg. 12

Organ Solo: The King of Love My Shepherd Is

Hymn: I Sing the Mighty Power of God

Hymn: For I Am Called by Thy Name

Spoken Word: Lloyd D Newell

Ask, Seek, and Knock


Jesus of Nazareth once gave this bold invitation: “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you” (Matthew 7:7). The message seems to be that God has more to give us—faith to impart, comfort to bestow, blessings to pour out. He wants to give more, but He waits for us to ask, seek, and knock.


The invitation sounds simple, but it can be life-changing. When we come before Almighty God and open our hearts to Him in prayer, something happens inside us. Hypocrisy and vanity vanish before the God of truth. Our perspective expands and our trust deepens when centered on Him. And very often, it is in asking and seeking that we discover what we really want.


Abraham Lincoln, who led his country through a dark time of civil war, humbly explained: “I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go. My own wisdom, and that of all [around] me, seemed insufficient for the day.”1

At some point, life drives each of us to our knees. We face situations we cannot handle alone, problems we cannot solve alone, weaknesses we cannot overcome alone. Whether spoken aloud or carried silently in the heart, every sincere prayer reaches heaven. Sometimes just knowing that brings us peace and gives us hope.


When we pray, we aren’t simply placing an order. Nor are we trying to bend God’s will to ours in order to get what we want. We are seeking a connection with the divine. It’s true that God knows our needs before we ask, but there’s power in asking, in seeking, in knocking. It involves searching our own hearts, even as we search to understand His. Prayer is a way we come to see ourselves and our lives from a larger, more eternal perspective. The clouds roll back, and we discover that we are not alone or helpless. In God’s time and in His way, we find the promise to be true: “Every one that asketh receiveth; and [everyone] that seeketh findeth; and to [everyone] that knocketh it shall be opened” (Matthew 7:8). 


1-In Tyron Edwards, comp., A Dictionary of Thoughts (1908), 431–32

(This Spoken Word is a wonderful extension of some of what I heard in Conference yesterday)

Hymn: Lead, Kindly Light – Hymn 97

Hymn: Arise, O God, and Shine – Hymn 265

Hymn: God Be With you Till We Meet Again – Hymn 152 (they jumped straight to the “…til’ we meet…”)

Sunday Morning Session 

Hymn: High on the Mountain Top – Hymn 5

Conducting: President Dallin H. Oaks – 1st Counselor in the First Presidency

Hymn: Press Forward Saints – Hymn 81

Invocation: Elder Shayne M. Bowen of the 70

Hymn: I Know That My Redeemer Lives – Hymn 136

Talk: Elder D. Todd Christoferson –  Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Our Relationship With God

Themes: Refining our souls through life and trials.  

  • If God does not grant what I desire, how can I believe in Him?
  • Job was privileged to see the Lord and was blessed more at the end of his life
  • It is foolish with our own myopia to judge God.
    • Myopia – nearsightedness
  • It truly is folly for us with our mortal myopia to presume to judge God, to think, for example, ‘I’m not happy, so God must be doing something wrong.’
  • As mortals in a fallen world, we know so little of past present and future
  • Things are not mechanical in God’s economy; it doesn’t work like a cosmic vending machine where you do X and get Y. 
  • When life doesn’t turn out as expected, some “may feel betrayed by God.”
    •  However, Heavenly Father’s plan is not “a cosmic vending machine where we select a desired blessing, insert the required sum of good works and the order is promptly delivered.”
  • Not every blessing predicated on law …
  • My faith is placed on the Lord Jesus Christ, and my knowledge is through him.
  • Seek not to counsel the Lord, but to take counsel from His hand
  • The path cannot be easy for any of us
    • There is too much refining for it to be easy. 
  • We are joint heirs in Christ if it so be we are joined with him.
  • We do our best but leave to Him the management of blessings, both temporal and spiritual
  • We do not always understand God’s will, his justice or his timing. 
    • That is why we need faith. 
    • We have faith that He is God, that He is Good, that He loves you and us and will make all things right, make all things better, give us as many blessings as possible.
  • In the midst of this refiner’s fire, rather than get angry with God, get close to him.   
    • Let God prevail. 
  • Examples of men and women who trusted God
    • Abraham. Was spared by an angel when he was about to be sacrificed and went on to become father of the faithful. Prior to Abraham’s salvation, three women were sacrificed on the same altar. 
    • Joseph of Egypt. Multiple times, rising, pushed down, and rising again. 
      • He could have thought.  So prison is what I get when I keep the law of Chastity. 
    • Abinadi. Some were spared from the flames but others were killed.
    • Alma and Amulek witnessing the death of those that had accepted the gospel.
    • Joseph Smith. ‘Though God slay me, yet will I trust in him’
      • Thou art not yet as Job; thy friends do not contend against thee,
    • Story for Patricia from Elder Hales. Pat went blind at a young age. Dealt with depression but knew God was with her. God is in this with me and I am not alone. 
  • In the end, it is the blessing of a close and abiding relationship with the Father and the Son that we seek
  • No matter our mortal experience, we can trust God and find joy in Him. 
    • In all our ways acknowledge him and he will direct our paths. 
  • The afflictions we experience will be for but a small moment. 
    • “Though God slay me, yet will I trust in Him.”
  • Our repentance and obedience, our service and our sacrifices do matter because they engage us in God’s work and are the means by which we collaborate with Him in our own transformation from natural man to saint.
  • Heavenly Father is willing to guide each of us along His covenant path with steps designed to our individual need and tailored to His plan for our ultimate happiness with Him.


Talk: Sister Amy A. Wright – Second Counselor in the Primary Presidency (First Counselor in the Primary Presidency effective August 1)

Christ Heals That Which Is Broken

Themes: Repentance. Relationship with God. Forgiveness. Waiting upon the Lord

  • Young person accidentally broke a grandparent’s pot. Cousin tried to comfort him by saying he broke something and grandma said it was okay, he was only five. The young person responded, but I am 23. 
  • We can learn from our Savior on how He can heal broken things.
  • Unburdening our hearts through forgiveness isn’t always easy, but through the enabling power of Jesus Christ, it is possible
  • Extending forgiveness and love can take tremendous courage and humility. It can also take time. It requires us to put our faith and trust in the Lord as we assume accountability for the condition of our hearts
  • Jesus Christ knows our complete story
  • Go and sin no more → Go forth and change
    • Go forth and heal
  • Prodigal son and father. Why didn’t the father wait for the son to ask for forgiveness? 
  • The purpose of these scriptural accounts is to help us see that Jesus Christ was the answer then, and He is the answer now. 
    • He knows our complete story and exactly what we suffer, as well as our capabilities and vulnerabilities
  • The Lord teaches we are required to forgive all. 
    • Forgiving takes humility, courage, and time. 
  • It requires us to put our faith and trust in the Lord as we assume accountability for the condition of our hearts.
  • Waiting on the Lord can be a sacred place.
    • A place of polishing and refining where we can come to know the Savior in a deeply personal way
  • Deliverance from trials is different for each of us and should emphasize less about the way we are delivered but who delivers us
  • We need to trust in not only His will but His timing. 
  • Our focus should be less about the way in which we are delivered and more about the deliverer himself.
  • He can heal broken relationships with God, broken relationships with others and broken parts of ourselves
  • No one’s life can be understood by one magnificent moment or one regrettable public disappointment
  • Many stories in the scriptures don’t contain more than a small snippet or circumstance in someone’s life. 
    • These moments don’t define the individuals mentioned.
  • There is nothing in your life that is broken that is beyond the curative, redeeming and enabling power of Jesus Christ

Talk: Elder Gary E. Stevenson – Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Love, Share, Invite

Themes: Sharing the gospel 

    • There have been more than 1.5 million missionaries heeding the Savior’s call in Matthew 28:18–20
    • ‘Why don’t we all begin now’
    • The Savior’s great commission can be accomplished through simple, easily understandable principles taught to each of us from childhood: Love, share and invite.
      • Love: (Show Christlike love towards neighbors.)
        • Whenever we show Christlike love towards our neighbor, we preach the gospel — even if we do not voice a single word.
          • It is the expression of the second great commandment to love one’s neighbor, and shows the life-transforming properties of the gospel.
        • We do it expecting nothing in return.
        • We can’t control how others will react, but we can control our actions 
  • Share: (Share what is loved about the gospel of Jesus Christ) 
        • We share everything with others
        • We share what we love. 
        • Share what you experienced at church.
        • Share service opportunities
        • Not about selling the gospel
        • Not about correcting incorrect perception.
        • God does not want us to be his sheriff 
          • He wants us to be his sharer
  • Invite (Invite others to “come and see,” “come and serve,” and “come and belong.”)
      • He wants us to tell people the following
        • Come and see
          • Sacrament meeting
          • A video 
          • Through social media
          • Can also be an invite to read the Book of Mormon
        • Come and serve
        • Come and belong
  • These three principles are “merely an extension of who we already are as disciples of Jesus Christ.”
  • 3 simple easy things, things you may be doing without fully recognizing it.
  • It is not a new program, you have heard these principles before. This is not the next new big thing.
  • No name badge or calling is required. 
  • They can become a natural part of who we are and how we live.

Talk: Elder Michael T. Ringwood – of the Seventy

For God So Loved Us’


  • For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son. – John 3:16
  • God sent Jesus Christ, His Only Son in the flesh, to lay down His life for every one of us. 
    • This He did because He loves us and designed a plan for each of us to return home to Him
  • We are children of God.   
    • God emphasized this to Moses and Abraham. 
  • Joseph, this is my beloved Son, Hear Him – Joseph Smith – History 1:17
  • We are the focus of our Heavenly Father’s plan and the reason for our Savior’s mission. Each of us, individually is Their work and Their glory – Moses 1:39
  • Joseph’s example points us to… the example of our Savior.
  • Many years after selling their brother Joseph, the sons of Jacob needed to take their youngest brother, Benjamin, to Egypt. 
    • Judah promised Jacob that he would bring Benjamin home and was “determined to keep his promise and return Benjamin safely.”
      • Do we follow Judah’s example in ensuring that others under our stewardships return to our Heavenly Father?  Do we remember the Benjamin’s in our lives?
        • How shall I go up to the father and you not be with me?
  • This is not a blanket, catch all, hit-and-miss sort of plan. 
    • It is personal, set forth by a loving Heavenly Father who knows our hearts, our names and what he needs us to do.
  • Young men and young women are engaged in the Lord’s youth battalion. 
    • Individuals and families are reaching out in a spirit of ministering—loving, sharing, and inviting friends and neighbors to come unto Christ
  • Why does Heavenly Father’s personalized plan for us include helping others return to Him? 
    • Because that is how we become like Jesus Christ
  • The Old Testament is packed with miracles and tender mercies that are the hallmark of Heavenly Father’s plan
  • The Old Testament repeatedly illustrates how “Heavenly Father and Jehovah are intimately involved in our lives.”
  • God sent Jesus Christ because He loves His children and designed a plan for each of them to return home to Him. 
    • This plan is personal and was set forth by a loving Heavenly Father, “who knows our hearts, our names and what He needs us to do.”
  • No matter who you are or your current circumstances, someone feels exactly this way about you. Someone wants to return to Heavenly Father with you
  • In 2 Kings, the phrase “it fell on a day” is used to emphasize that important events happen according to God’s timing, and no detail is too small for Him.
  •  Because God sent His Beloved Son for us, the miracles we need will ‘fall on the very day’ necessary for His plan to be fulfilled


Hymn: How Firm a Foundation – Hymn 85

Talk: Elder Ronald A. Rasband – Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

To Heal the World

Theme: Religious freedom 

  • There are attacks on religious freedoms.
    • These attacks are not new.
  • A scourge sweeping the globe is “attacks on your and my religious freedom.” 
    • Opponents seek to restrict expression of convictions and criticize and ridicule faith.
  • What is religious freedom? 
    • It is freedom of worship in all its configurations — freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, freedom to act on personal beliefs and freedom for others to do the same
    • It is “an expression of the God-given principle of agency.”
  • Religious freedom allows us to choose what we believe.
  • The 11th Article of Faith is “inclusive, liberating and respectful” and “the essence of religious freedom,” stating: “We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may.”
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has over 17 million members, with half of them living outside of the United States
  • There is another scourge sweeping the globe; attacks on your and my religious freedom. 
    • This growing sentiment seeks to remove religion and faith in God from the public square, schools, community standards and civic discourse
  • Religious freedom honors the first and second great commandments placing God at the center of our lives. 
  • Whether in a chapel, synagogue, mosque or tin-roofed hut, Christ’s disciples, and all like-minded believers, can express devotion to God by worship of him and willingness to serve his children.
  • Raising the dead is a miracle, but every act of kindness and concern for someone struggling is the covenant way each of us can also ‘go about doing good’ knowing ‘God is with us.’ 
  • 4 Benefits of Religious Freedom
    • Places God in the center of our Lives
      • Honors the 1st and 2nd great commandments
    • Fosters expression of belief, hope and peace.
    •  Religion inspires us to help others 
      • When religion is given the space and freedom to flourish, believers perform simple and sometimes heroic acts of service
      • It inspires us to do simple and heroic acts of service. 
      • Working together as people of faith.  
        • They can make significant acts of interventions. 
      • No question, people of faith, working together, can make significant interventions.
        • At the same time, one-on-one service is often unheralded, but quietly changes lives
    • Acts as a unifying and rallying force for shaping values and morality 
      • Many are turning away from Jesus Christ and murmuring of his teachings.
      • If not religion, who will teach key virtues?
      • Who will respond to the Savior’s plea, Go and do thou likewise.
  • Champion the cause of religious freedom.
  • The good of religion, its reach and the daily acts of love which religion inspires only multiply when we protect the freedom to express and act on core beliefs
  • Freedom of religion acts as a unifying and rallying force for shaping values and morality.
  • I invite you to champion the cause of religious freedom. 
    • It is an expression of the God-given principle of agency.


Talk: Elder Hugo E. Martinez – of the Seventy

Teaching Self-Reliance to Children and Youth

Themes: Self-reliance. CYD

  • Adults can best be on the path towards self-reliance when they have been taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and have practiced its doctrine and principles since childhood and as youth in the home
  • Self-Reliance is not just an adult topic.
  • Story of man who is leveraging BYU Pathway to receive a certificate in Tourism which he hopes will help me manage a large hotel. 
  • Self-reliance is providing spiritual and temporal resources; can strengthen our faith in Christ
  • Striving to be self-reliant is part of the work along the covenant path to strengthen faith in Jesus Christ and “joyfully binds us to Him through the covenants and ordinances of salvation and exaltation.” 
    • Becoming self-reliant occurs through growth in spiritual strength, physical and emotional health, pursuing education and employment, and being temporally prepared. 
      • It is a lifelong, continuous, daily process. 
  • Self-reliance is a doctrine of the gospel of Jesus Christ and not a program.
    •  It is a process that lasts a lifetime, not an event
  • One important way to teach self-reliance to children and youth is the daily use of the Children and Youth Development program. 
    • Parents and children learn the gospel of Jesus Christ, participate in service and activities, and work together in four areas of personal development that are unique for each child.
  • Children and Youth Development (CYD) program is super cool and applies to everyone, not just children and youth. 
  • It is important to make your own Goals to learn and grow while those around you teach, counsel, and support you in making said goals
  • We can teach by our Good Example, working with others, studying the scriptures, and following the teachings of Christ.
  • In CYD, participants choose their own goals within each area. 
    • Parents and leaders teach and support.
  • By divine design, fathers are to preside over their families in love and righteousness and are responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families. Mothers are primarily responsible for the nurture of their children. In these sacred responsibilities, fathers and mothers are obligated to help one another as equal partners. Disability, death, or other circumstances may necessitate individual adaptation. Extended families should lend support when needed.
    • This can be extended to Grandparents. 
  • Distances no longer prohibit teaching and encouraging others. 
  • Spiritual strength in self-reliance connects to CYD (as do other CYD and self-reliance)
  • Good examples; live and teach principles of self-reliance; obey commandment to build self-reliance 
  • Let us follow our Savior Jesus Christ and his gospel by becoming self-reliant throughout our lives, and teaching this to our children and youth.
  • Following Jesus Christ includes becoming self-reliant and teaching this to children and youth. 
    • This is best done by being good examples of service to others, living and teaching the doctrine and principles of self-reliance, and obeying the commandment to build self-reliance as part of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
  • This is the Church of Jesus Christ. 
    • His gospel blesses families here on earth and throughout the eternities


Hymn: If the Savior Stood Beside Me 

Talk: President Russell Nelson – President of the Church  

The Power of Spiritual Momentum

Themes: Letting go of anger; forgiving. Spiritual momentum

  • “My Brothers and Sisters, I Love You”
  • “I pray daily that you will be protected from the attacks of the adversary”
  • My call today, dear brothers and sisters, is to end conflicts that are raging in your heart, your home and your life
  • Any war is a horrifying violation of everything the Lord Jesus Christ stands for and teaches
  • Weeps and prays for all those who are suffering in Ukraine and Russia.
  • The Church is doing what it can.
  • Continue to pray and fast for those suffering.
  • We can control ourselves.
  • End conflicts that are raging in your heart, your home, your life 
  • It can be painfully difficult to let go of anger that feels so justified. 
    • It can seem impossible to forgive those whose destructive actions have hurt the innocent. 
    • And yet, the Savior admonished us to forgive all men.
  • We need the peace only He can bring.
  • I plead with you to do all you can to end personal conflicts that are currently raging in your hearts and in your lives
  • Positive spiritual momentum is powerful and needed today more than ever. 
    • That momentum keeps people moving forward. 
    • Spiritual momentum can help us withstand the relentless, wicked attacks of the adversary and thwart his efforts to erode our personal spiritual foundation.
  • Momentum is a powerful concept
  • What can ignite spiritual momentum? 
  • We know followers of Jesus Christ who became converted and grew in their faith. 
    • But we also know of once-committed believers who fell away. 
      • Momentum can swing either way 
        • We need positive momentum to counteract negative destructive tides. 
  • Spiritual momentum can help us withstand relentless attacks of the adversary 
  • Obedience, love, humility, service, and gratitude all help build spiritual momentum
  • 5 actions to help maintain positive spiritual momentum
    • 1. Get on the covenant path and stay there
      • God assures us to always have the spirit with us.
      • Ordinances and covenants give us access to godly power 
      • Additional covenants in the temple give us greater spiritual power. 
      • How do you get back on the covenant path? (See bullet 2)
    • 2. Discover the joy of daily repentance 
      • Repentance is required of every accountable person who desires glory.
      • Preach nothing save it be repentance and faith in the Lord
      • Please do not fear or delay repenting
        • Satan delights in misery
          • cut it short. 
            • Cast his influence out of your life
      • Repenting is the key to progress—Pure faith keeps us on the covenant path.
      • The Savior loves us always, but especially when we repent. 
      • There is always a way back to the covenant path
      • A caution: Returning to the covenant path doesn’t mean that life will be easy. 
        • The path is rigorous and at times will feel like a steep climb. 
        • But difficulty is meant to refine us. 
          • The steep path is the way to exaltation and never ending happiness. 
    • 3. Learn about God and how He works 
      • Distinguish between truths of god and counterfeits of satan 
      • Pray always that we may conquer Satan
      • Moses gave example to discern between God and satan 
        • Follow the example of Moses to resist the temptations around us. 
      • With frightening speed, a testimony that is not nourished daily by the good word of God can crumble
      • The antidote to Satan is clear; daily experiences studying the gospel
      • Let God Prevail in your life. 
        • Give God a fair share of your time. 
    • 4. Seek and expect miracles. 
      • God has not ceased to be a God of miracles — Moroni 
      • Miracles take time and not exactly what we originally request from the Lord 
      • God will bless us with miracles if we believe in Him.
      • Do the spiritual work necessary to seek miracles 
      • Few things accelerate spiritual momentum more than realizing God is helping you to move a mountain in your life
    • 5. End conflicts in your life. 
      • Exercise the humility and strength required to forgive and to seek forgiveness.
      • Between now and Easter, seek an end to a personal conflict that has weighed you down. If forgiveness seems impossible, plead for power through Christ’s atonement to help you. 
  • Two weeks from today we celebrate Easter. 
    • Between now and then, I invite you to seek an end to a personal conflict that has weighed you down  
  • Do the spiritual work to seek miracles. 
    • Prayerfully ask God to help you exercise that kind of faith.
  • My dear brothers and sisters, with all the pleadings of my heart, I urge you to get on the covenant path and stay there. 
    • Experience the joy of repenting daily. 
    • Learn about God and how he works. 
    • Seek and expect miracles. 
    • Strive to end conflict in your life.
  • As you act on these pursuits, I promise you the ability to move forward on the covenant path with increased momentum, despite whatever obstacles you face. 
    • And I promise you greater strength to resist temptation, more peace of mind, freedom from fear, and greater unity in your families


Hymn: It Is Well With My Soul

Benediction: Benjamin Dehoyos of the 70 

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* Guidelines *

192nd Annual General Conference * April 2 – 3, 2022

Saturday AM * Saturday PM * Women’s Session * Sunday AM * Sunday PM






    • Go forth and Change/ Heal
    • Love – Share – Invite
    • Become self-reliant in all areas
    • End Personal Conflicts
    • Between now and Easter find an end to 1 conflict you have. Find forgiveness and give forgiveness 
    • Repent Daily


Saturday Morning Session

Opening Hymn: Come We That Love the Lord – Hymn 119
Conducting: President Dallin H Oaks

Hymn: Awake And Arise – Hymn 8

Invocation: Elder Jose L. Alonso of the Seventy

Hymn: Love is Spoken Here – Children’s Songbook pg. 190

Talk: President Russell M Nelson  – 17th president and prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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Preaching the Gospel of Peace

  • May this conference be a spiritual rejuvenation  
  • Prophets have foreseen this day when there would be wars and rumors of wars, and when the whole earth would be in commotion. – Matthew 24 
  • As followers of Jesus Christ, we plead with leaders of nations to find peaceful resolutions to their differences.
  • We call upon people everywhere to pray for those in need, to do what they can to help the distressed and to seek the Lord’s help in ending any major conflicts.
  • Condemnation of violence – it goes against everything the Savior taught
  • The gospel of Jesus Christ has never been more needed. 
  • Contention violates everything the Savior stood for and taught.
  • I love the Lord Jesus Christ and testify that His gospel is the only enduring solution for peace 
  •  Reaffirms every able and worthy young man should serve a mission.  
    • You have been held in reserve for this time to gather Israel. 
  • Brothers and sisters, the gospel of Jesus Christ has never been needed more than it is today. 
    • The gospel is a gospel of peace
  •  All Young Men should serve a mission. 
    • This is a priesthood duty. 
  • Sisters are encouraged to serve
    • Their service is a valuable addition. 
  • May you seek and receive personal revelation
  •  Each of us has a role to play in the gathering of Israel
  • General Conference is a time of understanding, reflection, and renewal

Talk: Elder M. Russell Ballard – Acting President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Missionary Service Blessed My Life Forever

  • Elder Ballard suffers from macular degeneration and is blind in his left eye.  He is grateful for other types of vision. 
  •  Hindsight vision: How my full time missionary service blessed his life and shaped his life’s destiny
  • Mission service helped me to 
    • Better husband and father
    • Helped with Business
    • Prepared for a lifetime of service in the church. 
  • Serving missions help us to get to know the Lord better
  • You will grow spiritual as you serve others.
  •  Commit to yourselves and to Heavenly Father that you will serve a mission and that from this time forward you will strive to keep your hearts, hands and minds clean and worthy
  • You will learn how to hear the promptings of the holy ghost. 
  • You will show Him that He can trust you. 
  • Calls on all who desire to serve a mission to begin preparing now. 
    • Talk with parents and leaders.  
    • Talk with your friends and encourage them to serve.
  • Parents need to talk with their kids about serving a mission.
  • If you held off serving a mission due to the pandemic, now is the time.
  • Pandemic missionaries have been valuable in their service.  T
    • They have used technology to serve.
  •  Keep up the good habits after your mission.  
    • Continue to read, pray, and study.
  •  Missionary service will bless your lives forever. 

Talk: Sister Reyna I. Aburto – 2nd Counselor General Relief Society Presidency

We Are The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

  • She was baptized at age 26, had a 3 year old son, and had recently separated from her 1st husband.
  • The Church is more than the buildings and the ecclesiastical structure; the Church is us, the members
  • We are The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, with Christ at the head and the Prophet as His mouthpiece
  • We are all one family in Christ
    • sometimes we are givers
    • sometimes we are receivers
  • Even our smallest efforts are making a significant difference in God’s Kingdom.
  • Fast offerings are given from members who make a sacrifice.
  • The Church is the scaffolding with which we build eternal families
  • Sisters who serve in primary and young women are some of the most active sisters in the Relief Society.
  • Let us have the faith of a child.   
    • Even our small efforts are making a difference. 
  • Let us realize how privileged we are to belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • We are all afflicted in some manner.  
    • We need each other.  
    • We can bring each other to the healing power of the Savior.
  • God has sought to gather His children front her beginning of time in order to bring about the immortality of man – Moses 1:39

Talk: Elder David A. Bednar – Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

But We Heeded Them Not

  • Let us all press on
  • “Heed not” to the evil influences and mocking voices of today’s worldWe will heed not what the wicked may say but the Lord alone we will obey
  • Entering into sacred covenants binds us and yokes us to the Savior
  • Those in the great and spacious building will mock us and try to dissuade us from pursuing the fruit of the tree of life if we heed what they say (pay attention to it)
  • When one is steadfast in coming unto Christ “and are yoked with Him,” he or she “receives the cleansing, healing and strengthening blessings of His infinite and eternal Atonement.”T
  • The doctrine of Christ written ‘with the Spirit of the living God … in fleshy tables of [our hearts]’ increases our capacity to ‘heed not’ the many distractions, taunts and diversions in our fallen world. 
    • For example, faith focused in and on the Lord Jesus Christ fortifies us with spiritual strength. 
    • Faith in the Redeemer is a principle of action and of power
  • The ability to resist the temptations and the fiery darts of the adversary is promised to those individuals who ‘hold fast to’ rather than merely ‘cling to’ the word of God
  • Valiant Latter-day Saints are able to “heed not” worldly influences by meaningful scripture study, fervent prayer, participating in the sacrament and ministering to others.
  • Inviting the Holy power of the Ghose in our lives helps us to heed not worldly influences
    • Scripture study
    • Fervent Prayer 
    • Weekly sacrament 
  • If we do right we will not fear for our Lord is always near
  • Gospel covenants and ordinances operate in our lives much like a compass.
    • Covenants point us to our Lord Jesus Christ.  
      •  Like a compass
  • Common pattern among those who heed not what the wicked say: 
    • A deep testimony of the plan of salvation.
    • Personal testimony of the salvation of Jesus Christ
    • Connections to the Savior that are individual, personal and specific.  
  •   One of the names of Christ is “The Word” – John 1:1
  •  Holding fast to the rod, rather than clinging to, will help us be resistant to temptation
    • 1) Remember and honoring our connection to the savior
    • 2) Using the scriptures to hold on to the truth
  • If we abide in Christ, He will abide in and walk with us. 
  • Although our humble desire is for the Savior’s teachings to be honored by all, the words of the Lord through his prophets are often contrary to the thinking and trends of the world.
    • It’s always been so


Hymn: Let Us All Press On – Hymn 243

Talk: Elder Neil L Andersen – Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Following Jesus: Being a Peacemaker

  • No one is immune from the polarizing voices, including the Savior.
  • Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God. – Matthew 5:9
  • Every person on earth is an offspring of God
  • How does a peacemaker calm and cool the fiery darWe ts?
    •  We remain confident and share our beliefs with conviction
  • We don’t eradicate evil with more evil.
  • By the shield of our faith in Jesus Christ, we become peacemakers, quenching, meaning to calm, cool or extinguish, all the fiery darts of the adversary
  • Peacemakers are not passive.  
    • They are persuasive in the Savior’s way.
  •  Opposition should not surprise us.   
    • We rejoice in the blessing of agency. 
  • Technology enables individual opinions to spread quickly regardless of their truthfulness, fairness or kindness.
    •  The Savior taught in the Sermon on the Mount how to survive “in a contemptuous world.”
  • We choose the path of peacemakers. 
  • We are not elected or selected from applications, we are called.
  • We genuinely love and care for our neighbors whether they believe like we do. 
  • “Cannot boundary lines exist without drawing battlelines?” – Russell M. Nelson
  • There are times when a peacemaker when we resist the desire to respond. 
  • Jesus taught us to withdraw from circles of anger.
  • We too can move away from contention without isolating ourselves from others.
  • Jesus was troubled in His Spirit about one who prepared to betray Him
  • John 13. The Savior’s perfect example of a peacemaker. 
    • Washed feet of the Disciples
    • Was troubled by Judas’s betrayal
    • He spoke of Love
    • A new commandment I give unto you… Love one another.   – John 13:35
  • May we love Him, and love one another. 
    • May we be peacemakers, that we may be called the ‘children of God’

Talk: Elder Eduardo Gaverret – First Quorum of the Seventy

I Have Nothing More to Give You

  •  We had no more disposition to do evil, but to do good continually.
  • This ‘mighty change of heart’ brings us a feeling of freedom, trust and peace
  •  How do we obtain that mighty change of heart?
    • Cultivate a desire to change through prayer and fasting
  •  Lord I give you everything
  • It is not enough for our hearts to change, we must maintain that change in order to grow closer to God.
  • As we participate in the conference this weekend, let the words of our prophets, which will come from the Lord, enter our hearts to experience a mighty change.
  • Experience a “mighty change of heart” by doing five things
    • studying the scriptures
    • strengthening one’s faith in Jesus Christ
    •  Praying
    •  Fasting
    •  covenanting to “surrendering our hearts to Him”
  • How to maintain that mighty change?
    • Partake of the sacrament
    • Participate in temple work
    • Love for neighbors
    • Missionary Work
  • This mighty change of heart brings us a feeling of freedom, trust and peace.
    • This change of heart is not an event
      • It takes faith, repentance and constant spiritual work to happen. 
    • It begins when we desire to submit our will to the Lord
      • It materializes when we enter into and keep covenants with Him
  • That change is then strengthened and enforced
  • That change has a positive effect on us and on others around us.

Talk: Elder Larry S. Kacher – First Quorum of the Seventy

Ladder of Faith

  •  In tragedy, we can become more faithful while walking on the covenant path.
  • Faith in Jesus Christ can guide one through the complexities and challenges of life. 
    • These potential stumbling blocks can become stepping stones while climbing the “ladder of faith. 
    • It is called a ladder because it suggests that faith is not static.
      • It can go up or down according to the choices we make.”
  • Part of life is to make stumbling blocks become stepping stones
  • When moving toward true faith in Jesus Christ, “obedience is no longer an irritant, but becomes a quest.”
  • Each person decides how high to climb the ladder of faith. 
  • We can choose to make the choices needed to increase our faith in the Savior.
  • Even when our faith is weak, the Lord’s hand will always be stretched out
  • Faith without works is dead – James 2
  • Obedience in faith of the Savior qualifies us to have His spirit to always be with us.
  • As faith increases we see a subtle shift. What do I want? → What does God want? 
  • Indeed, we will find that there is simplicity on the other side of life’s complexities as we remain steadfast in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope.
  • Unbelief blocks our ability to see miracles, Faith unlocks the blessings of heaven.
  • How high we climb on the ladder of faith is our decision. 
  • “I will go and do” vs. “How is it possible?”
  • As our faith in the Savior increases, we observe a subtle shift that includes a divine understanding of our relationship with God — a steady movement away from ‘What do I want?’ to ‘What does God want?
  • Reorganized Stake. Modern day ‘Jonah & the whale’ story.  You can’t hide from the Lord. 
  • If one’s current path is in conflict with faith in the Savior, return to Him.
    • Your exaltation and that of your posterity depend on it.


Hymn: On this Day of Joy and Gladness – Hymn 64

Talk: President Henry B. Eyring – Second Counselor of the First Presidency

Steady in the Storms

  •  We live in increasingly perilous times.
    • Goal to stand steady in these storms with a peaceful heart
  • Know that there are Prophets and Apostles called of God.
  • Rock of our redeemer, who is Christ the Son of God, you must build your foundation.
  • Hel 5:12 Build on the rock of Christ
  • Now is the time to build on that foundation.
  • We are free to choose between right and wrong, we cannot avoid the consequences of our choices.
  • Sorrows will come to those that do not heed His warnings. 
  • We want all to not shrink, but to look up at Him, and hear Him say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”
  • King Benjamin knew that people had to have their natures changed through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. That change is “we must become as a child — a little child.”
  • We must have our natures changed to build on that sure foundation. 
  • Each of us, wherever we are, knows that we live in increasingly perilous times. 
    • My prayer is that I might help you stand steady in the storms we face, with a peaceful heart.
  • It will become more difficult, not easier, to honor the covenants we must make and keep to live the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Changing natures happens as people make and renew covenants with God.
    • That brings the power of Christ’s Atonement to allow that transformation in our hearts.”
  • That change and experiences increase a person’s capacity to love and obey. 
    • Faith in Jesus Christ leads to repentance. 
    • These changes can help qualify for gifts from the Holy Ghost, including comfort and guidance.
  • Being “like a child” means to emulate the Savior, who prayed for strength to do His Father’s will and atone for the sins of all of His Father’s children.
  • I have learned from many experiences that the Holy Ghost speaks most often in a quiet voice, heard most easily when one’s heart is meek and submissive, like that of a child.
  • King Benjamin, who understood as well as any mortal what it meant to be a man of strength and courage, makes it clear that to be like a child is not to be childish. 
    • It is to be like the Savior.
  • Mosiah 3:19 Put off the natural man.   Becometh as a child
  • We obey and gain power to resist temptation and we gain the holy ghost. 
  • Our natures change to become as a little child, obedient to God and more loving
  • Faith will lead you to repentance and daily covenant keeping.
  • You will reach out to others to join you on the rock of your foundation.
  • When the storms in life come, you can be steady because you are standing on the rock of your faith in Jesus Christ
  • Our natures must be changed to become as a child to gain the strength we must have to stand steady and at peace in times of peril
  • He knows perfectly the storm we are going through.
  • Accept His help
  • The Savior knows the storms and the places of safety on the way home to Him and to our Heavenly Father
  • Faith in Jesus Christ always leads to greater hope and to feelings of charity toward others, which is the true love of Christ
  • The Savior knows the way.   
    • He is the way.

Hymn: Rejoice! The Lord Is King – Hymn 66

Benediction: Sister Camille N. Johnson – 14th Primary General President

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192nd Annual General Conference * April 2 – 3, 2022

Saturday AM * Saturday PM * Women’s Session * Sunday AM * Sunday PM



Saturday Afternoon Session 

Hymn: (Hymn) – Hymn (#)

Conducting: President Henry B. Eyring – 2nd Counselor in the First Presidency

Music: BYU Idaho Choir

Hymn: Now Let Us Rejoice – Hymn 3

Invocation: Bishop W. Christopher Waddell – 1st Counselor in the Presiding Bishopric

  • Blessed with things that are said, and not said, but felt.

Hymn: (Hymn) – Hymn (#)

The Sustaining of the Church Officers: by President Dallin H. Oaks – 1st Counselor in the First Presidency 

  • Released
      • Mark D. Eddy
      • Jonathan S. Schmitt
    • Relief Society (Effective August 1)
      • Jean B. Bingham – President
      • Sharon Eubank – 1st Counselor
      • Reyna Aburto – Second Counselor
    • Primary General Presidency (Effective August 1)
      • Camille Johnson – President
      • Susan Porter – 1st Counselor
      • Amy Wright – 2nd Counselor
  • Called
    •  General Authority Seventies
      • Mark D. Eddy
      • James W. McConkie III
      • Isaac K. Morrison
      • Ryan K. Olson
      • Jonathan S. Schmitt
      • Denelson Silva
    • Relief Society Presidency (Effective August 1)
      • Camille Johnson – President
      • Jeannie Dennis – 1st Counselor
      • Kristin Yee – 2nd Counselor
    •  Primary General Presidency (Effective August 1)
      • Susan Porter – President
      • Amy Wright – 1st Counselor
      • Tracy Browning – 2nd Counselor
    •  45 new Area Seventies from 23 countries. (The announcement and sustaining were done at the Thursday, March 31, leadership session and published on ChurchofJesusChrist.org.) 

Church Auditing Department Report, (2021): Jarrod B. Larson, Managing Director

  • D&C 120 
  • Funds were administered appropriately.  

Statistical Report, (2021):

2021 2020
Church Units
Stakes 3,498 3,463
Missions 407 405
Districts 520 537
Wards and Branches 31,315 31,136
Church Membership
Total Membership 16,805,400 16,663,663
New Children of record 89,069 65,440
Converts baptized 168,283 125,930
Full-time 54,539 51,819
Church-service 36,639 30,527
Temples Dedicated 2

Winnipeg Manitoba Temple

Pocatello Idaho Temple


Durban South Africa

Temples Rededicated 0 0
Temples in operation 170 168


Hymn: I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go – Hymn 270

Talk: Elder Jeffrey R. Holland – Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

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Fear Not: Believe Only!

  • Talk directed at young people (President Nelson’s age or younger)
  • The young are the faces of our future
  • Nearly two years of pandemic brought a halt to almost everything — except brutality, violence and other long-standing social, cultural and economic challenges.
  • It is understandable if the idealism of the youth is waning a bit. Many are desperately searching for something better.
  • “Begin your search for happiness by embracing the bounty we have already received from the giver of every good gift. 
    • At precisely the moment many in the world are asking deep questions of the soul, [Latter-day Saints] ought to be answering with the ‘good news’ of the gospel of Jesus Chris
  • We should be singing the song of redeeming love
  • You are His most precious possession, His child, to whom He has given prophets and promises, spiritual gifts and revelation, miracles and messages, and angels on both sides of the veil
  • At the moment many are asking deep question of the soul, we should be sharing the good news 
  • This generation has more impact to do good than any other generation 
  • We can never run away from who we are… Children of the Living God who loves us, who is always ready to forgive us, and will never, ever forsake us
  • They have it right in Primary: Jesus really does want you for a sunbeam.
  • Please, Stay for the whole feast.
    • Even though you are not sure about the broccoli. 
  • Example of Jairus who wanted healing for his daughter – “Fear Not, Believe Only” (Mark 5)
  • Before receiving the Holy Ghost, you had the light of Christ implanted in your soul. 
    • The light was given to protect and teach you. 
    • Life is the most precious of all gifts
  • Watch for signs of depression or despair, and all forms of self-harm. 
  • To any of our youth out there who are struggling, whatever your concerns or difficulties, death by suicide is manifestly not the answer
    • it will not relieve the pain your are suffering or think you are causing.
    • Talk to someone, seek help. 
      • Do not destroy a life that Christ gave his life to preserve.
    • We will help you bear your struggles. 
    • You are loved and valued and needed.  
  • Do not deny us the chance to have you. 
  • You are stronger than you think.
    •  Help is available, from others and especially from God. 
    • You are loved and valued and needed. 
    • We need you. 
    • Fear not, and believe only
  • Run to the aid of those dealing with depression, despair or any form of self-harm.

Talk: Elder Patrick Kearon – Presidency of the Seventy

 He Is Risen With Healing in His Wings: We Can Be More Than Conquerors

    • Keep goodness in the face of brutality 
    • We can survive, we’ve already been rescued and saved. 
    • Jesus has overcome the abuses of this world to give you power to not only survive, but one day, through Him, to overcome and even conquer.
    • We weep with you and are here to help you overcome through Jesus Christ
    • When you are the victim…. You are not less loved, God has not seen you as someone to be despised.
    • It may seem impossible, but healing can come through Christ. 
      • His atonement has power to right all wrongs. 
    • You are not defined by these terrible things that have been done to you. 
      • You are, in glorious truth, defined by your eternally existing identity as a son or daughter of God.
    • The abuse was not, is not, and never will be your fault, no matter what the abuser or anyone else may have said to the contrary.
    • You are not less worthy or less valuable or less loved as a human being, or as a daughter or son of God, because of what someone else has done to you
    • There is no place for any type of abuse in any country of culture. 
    • Though it may seem impossible, feel impossible, healing can come through the miracle of the redemptive might of the Atonement of Jesus Christ
    • Those who seek to abuse are lame
    • Abusers who confess, forsake sin, and do all within their power to make recompense can find forgiveness. 
    •  God does not now, nor has He ever, seen you as someone to be despised. 
      • Whatever has happened to you, He is NOT ashamed of you or disappointed in you. 
        • He loves you in a way you have yet to discover.
        • And you will discover it as you trust in His promises
  • (Healing comes through the Atonement. 
    • All who have been wounded or are victims of life’s injustices can find hope and rest in Christ.
  • Jesus specializes in the seemingly impossible. 
    • He came here to make the impossible possible, the irredeemable redeemable, to heal the unhealable, to right the unrightable and to promise the unpromisable
  • You are a survivor and can heal. 
    • You can overcome and conquer 


Talk: Marcos A. Aidukaitis – Quorum of the 70

Lift Up Your Heart and Rejoice

  • Serving a full-time mission may seem difficult to us. 
    • Perhaps it requires that we give up important things for a moment. 
    • The Lord certainly knows this and He will always be by our side
  • Any time you do anything that helps anyone at any time on any side of the veil, you are gathering israel.
  • The Lord’s invitation to “Lift up your heart and rejoice, for the hour of your mission is come” (Doctrine and Covenants 31:3) can serve as inspiration to all Latter-day Saints, not just in the mission of gathering Israel on both sides of the veil but particularly in full-time missionary service.
  • Full Time Missionary
    • Teaching Missionary
    • Service Missionary
  • Everyone will have their own set of challenges, including romantic relationships 
  • “Several of my friends shared the same interests in a special young woman”
  • There is a difference between being blessed and richly blessed.
  • The Lord Jesus Christ was my great inspiration not to be afraid of the future as I strove to serve Him with all my heart
  • God is a God of miracles
  • We were born at this time for a divine purpose
  • It is worth the effort to trust in God and his promises 
  • While facing challenges at times in full-time service, the Lord can help and guide. “
    • He understands what a difficult mission is. 
    • With His help, we can do hard things. 
    • He will be by our side, and He will bless us greatly as we humbly serve Him.”
  • Rich blessings afforded those who serve Him, and missions help preparation for adult life, possible marriage and parenthood, Church service, and professional and community life.

Hymn: I Feel My Savior’s Love – Children’s Songbook pg.  74

Talk:Elder Gerrit W. Gong – Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

We Each Have a Story

  • We each have a story. 
    • As we discover our story, we connect, we belong, we become
  • Each of our stories is a journey still in progress, as we discover, create and become with possibilities beyond imagination.
  • Whether or not we know them, we are each born of a mother and father.
    • And each mother and father is born of a mother and father. 
    • By birth or adoptive lineage, we’re ultimately all connected in the family of God or in the human family.
  • 70-100B have lived on the earth, and there’s only one Gerrit Walter Gong
  • 1820 was an inflection point in history – many after that have records of family ancestors
  • We each have more family with whom to connect
  • Family Search (https://www.familysearch.org) has 103B (?) searchable names
  • The question “Where are you from?” asks us to also connect to our eternal lineage. 
  • When we die, we don’t cease to exist. 
    • Our ancestors deserve to be remembered through stories, photos, etc
  • Societies benefit when generations connect in meaningful ways
  • Families bring joys and sorrows
  • Still very much alive, our ancestors deserve to be remembered
  • God wants our families to be happy and forever.
    • Forever is too long if we make each other unhappy. 
    • Happy is too short if cherished relationships stop with this life
  • Ties with ancestors increase family closeness, gratitude, miracles.
    • Such ties can bring help from the other side of the veil
  • Let good things begin with you.   
    • Don’t pass on the negative. 
  • Help unite families eternally
  • Connecting with our ancestors can change lives. 
    • From their trials and accomplishments, we gain faith and strength. 
    • From their love and sacrifices, we learn to forgive and move forward. 
  • How can we connect?
    • First, see yourself in both generational directions — child, grandchild, great-grandchild, then parent, aunt or uncle, grandparent, great-grandparent. 
      • In each time and role, notice who is with you.
      • Gather their photos and stories; make memories real.
    • “Second, let the adventure of family history be intentional and spontaneous.”
    • Third, visit https://www.familysearch.org — discover, connect and belong.
    • Fourth, help unite families eternally.
  • We each have a story. 
    • Come discover yours
    • Come find your voice, your song, your harmony in Him. 
    • This is the very purpose for which God created the heavens and the earth and saw that they were good
  • Learn and acknowledge with gratitude and honesty your family heritage. 
    • Celebrate and become the positive and where needed humbly do everything possible not to pass on the negative. 
    • Let good things begin with you
  • In all our generations, Jesus Christ heals the brokenhearted, delivers the captives, sets at liberty them that are bruised.

Talk: Elder Adrián Ochoa – First Quorum of the Seventy

Is the Plan Working?

  • When we struggle — for any reason — that does not mean the plan isn’t working. That is when we need the plan the most
  • Never will the plan of happiness become more real to you than when you are helping others to live it
  • Coming unto Christ means more than just thinking about Him or talking about Him or even loving Him. It means following Him
  • When life does not unfold as expected, it might seem that Heavenly Father’s plan is not working, and some may begin to look elsewhere for peace and happiness
  • Three principles for people who think the plan of happiness isn’t working in their lives (drawn from the story of Peter and Christ walking on water)
    • Faith in the Savior 
      • Joining the church, reading the scriptures, etc are all acts of faith
      • If you look back on your life, I believe you will see that you have exercised faith many times
    • In times of trouble turn to Christ right away.   
      • Just like Peter “Lord Save me”
    • Humble yourself before the Lord and He will lift you to greater things. 
      • Peter accepted the Savior’s rebuke humbly and continued to seek greater faith in Jesus Christ.
      • ​​Let us humbly put ourselves in a position where Jesus Christ can lift us, lead us and make the most of our abilities.
  • Do not procrastinate the day of your repentance 
    • Nothing is more liberating to our personal progression than a daily focus on repentance
    • Doing and being a little better each day. 
  • When we struggle,for any reason, that doesn’t mean the plan isn’t working. That is when we need the plan the most. 
  • Scriptures aren’t just to give us a testimony, they’re also meant to help us keep commandments 

Talk: Elder Kevin S. Hamilton – First Quorum of the Seventy

Then Will I Make Weak Things Become Strong

  • Humility, coupled with faith in Jesus Christ, will allow us to access the enabling power of His grace and the fullness of blessings available because of His Atonement
  • Leopards don’t change their spots… But people can. 
  • When Jesus asks you and me to repent, He is inviting us to change
  • The scriptural word for change is repentance
  • One of Satan’s greatest lies is that men and women cannot change and should not change. 
  • However, in order to be authentic to “our real, true selves, as sons and daughters of God with a divine nature and destiny… then we will all need to change.”.
  • No unclean thing can dwell in His presence. 
  • Eth 12:27   Weak things can become strong unto us. 
    • His grace is sufficient
    • 27 And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and 3) my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they 1) humble themselves before me, and have 2) faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.
  • As sons and daughters of a loving Father in Heaven, we have the power within us to change
  • The Lord operates through conditions, or “if-then” statements. 
    • He has taught that “as we first change our fallen natures, our weakness, then we will be able to change our behaviors.”
  • Humility and faith in Jesus Christ are requisites to accessing the enabling power of His grace, which makes it possible to overcome all obstacles, all challenges and all weaknesses.
  • We get weakness (singular), which is mortality. If we come to Christ he will make weak things (plural) strong. 
  • How do we change according to God’s pattern
    • Humble ourselves.
      • Natural man is an enemy to God Mosiah 3:19
      • Humble to follow prophet, keep covenants, to want to change and yield hearts to God
    • Faith in Christ 
    • Weak things become strong, and his grace will enable us to change. 
      • if(humble + faith) then weak = strong
  • The Savior worked out His infinite and eternal Atonement so that we could in fact repent, change and become better.
  • The Savior worked out His infinite and eternal Atonement so that we could in fact repent, change and become better.
    • We can actually be born again. 
    • We can overcome habits, addictions and even the disposition to do evil.
    • Becoming like Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ happens through change or repentance. 
    • We become new, clean, different and we simply continue to work at it every day. 
    • Sometimes it may feel like two steps forward and one step back, but we continue to humbly move forward in faith
  • Alma 34: yea, behold the day of this life is the day for men to perform their labors.

Talk: Elder Quentin Cook – Quorum of the Twelve

Conversion to the Will of God

  • Events that were foundational to his decision to serve a mission 
  • Very few were allowed to serve because of the Korean conflict, only 1 person per ward 
    • Brother Joe was considering a mission but his father wanted him to attend medical school
  • True conversion is the constant acceptance of the will of God.
  • “Damnation” in the KJV was a mistranslation 
    • But there are still consequences of sin, maybe not hellfire and damnation. 
  • True conversion is brought about by the conscious acceptance and commitment to follow the will of God
  • Repentance is needed to enter Celestial kingdom 
  • What are obligations of conversion 
  • The Book of Mormon is internally consistent, beautifully written, and contains the answers to life’s great questions. 
    • It is another testament of Jesus Christ
  • The Savior graciously invites us to be His voice and His hands. 
    • The love of the Savior will be our guiding light.
  • The standard of truth: “The standard of truth has been erected; No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing; persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble, calumny may defame, but the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly, and independent, till it has penetrated every continent, visited every clime, swept every country, and sounded in every ear, till the purposes of God shall be accomplished, and the great Jehovah shall say the work is done.”
  • The Lord has asked each one of us to share His gospel. 
    • We help others experience a mighty change of heart. 
  • Our personal conversion includes the responsibility to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the world
  •  The Lord asks each one of us to share His gospel in word and deed. 
    • Our personal conversion includes the responsibility to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the world
  • A personal conversion includes the responsibility to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the world. 
    • Conversion comes by understanding and accepting the will of God.
  • A testimony will be strengthened with the knowledge that Joseph Smith was an instrument in the Lord’s hands. 
    • The Doctrine and Covenants provides the keys, ordinances and covenants necessary for salvation. 
    • But many are kept from the truth because they know not where to find it.
  • Many today believe there should be no consequence for sin. 
  • Revealed doctrine establishes that personal repentance is necessary to partake of the Savior’s Atonement and inherit the celestial kingdom. 
  • The Lord instructed the fullness of the gospel to be preached into the ends of the world. 
    • This should be a ‘laserlike focus’ to everyone who has been blessed with a conversion to the will of God.
    • This includes all Latter-day Saints, especially full-time missionaries.
  • For the Savior’s mandate to share the gospel to become a part of someone, they need to become converted to the will of God, love their neighbors and invite all to come and see. 
    • The blessings of sharing the gospel include bringing others to Christ, increasing one’s conversion to the will of God and letting God prevail.

Hymn: (Hymn) – Hymn (#) Thy Spirit Lord, Has Stirred Our Souls

Benediction: Jan E. Newman – 2nd Counselor in the Sunday School General Presidency


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* Guidelines *

192nd Annual General Conference * April 2 – 3, 2022

Saturday AM * Saturday PM * Women’s Session * Sunday AM * Sunday PM




    •  I’m glad there were a couple jokes this session; these have been heavy talks)
  • (Yes indeed!)
  • (Aidukaitis will be lighter. He’s a funny guy. Came to our last stake conf. Big laugh!)
  • (I do not think I had heard him before, but am interested in his words!)
  • Did any one else notice that they didn’t release the primary and relief society advisory councils? They’ve done this every time they changed a presidency in the past. 




    General conference spring 2018 Doctrine and Covenants 26:2 𝚆𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚒𝚜 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚖𝚘𝚗 𝚌𝚘𝚗𝚜𝚎𝚗𝚝? When members receive callings or priesthood ordinations in the Church, we have the opportunity to formally sustain them by raising our hands as a show of support. The principle of demonstrating public support and agreement is called common consent.

Saturday morning session

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