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A suicide prevention course taught entirely through Instagram | Become a Live On Ambassador


If you’re anything like the rest of us, you spend a lot of time browsing Instagram. Wouldn’t it be great if some of that scrolling could provide you with the skills to save lives?

This is a suicide prevention course taught entirely through Instagram. We’ve collaborated with experts from around the state to bring you a series of 10 lessons on how you can help prevent suicide. By spending less than 10 minutes with us each lesson, you can become a Live On Ambassador.

Feel free to follow along at your own pace! A Live On instructor will be available to answer your questions throughout the course.

To sign up for FREE, all you need to do is follow our IG account. Tap the bell at the top of our profile to receive notifications when we post new lessons.

After you complete the 10-lesson course, DM us! We’ll send you a shareable certificate.

Any questions? Post them in the comments. 👇

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In February 2022, a Utah journalist said, “For those who are not trained, there’s no playbook to follow on how to save a person from trying to end their own life.”

That caught our attention. More than 91% of Utahns know someone who has died by suicide, survived an attempt, or experienced thoughts of suicide.

Which means that 100% of us should know how to help.

That’s why we created this course as Utah’s very own suicide prevention playbook.


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