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Saturday Afternoon Session

Hymn: (Hymn) – Hymn (#)

Conducting: President Dallin H. Oaks – First Counselor (First Presidency)

Hymn: (Hymn) – Called to Serve

Invocation:Takashi Wada – Seventy


The Sustaining of the Church Officers by President Henry B. Eyring – Second Counselor (First Presidency): 

  • Released
    • Granted Emeritus Status
      • Weatherford T. Clayton
      • LeGrand R. Curtis Jr.
      • Randy D. Funk
      • Christoffel Golden
      • Walter F. González
      • Larry S. Kacher
      • Lynn G. Robbins
      • Joseph W. Sitati 
  • Called 

Hymn: Faith in Every Footstep

Talk:  President M. Russell Ballard – Acting President (Quorum of the Twelve)

Follow Jesus Christ With Footsteps of Faith


Stories: The pioneers who entered the Salt Lake Valley

Scripture References: John 14:6

  • With Faith in Every Footstep, there is hope in Christ
  • As we follow Christ with footsteps of faith there is hope. 
  • There is hope and peace in Christ. 
  • This is the 175th year since the pioneers entered the Salt lake Valley
  • Our footsteps of faith will bless ourselves and our posterity
  • Pioneer is both a noun and a verb
  • Our missionaries today are modern-day pioneers because they share the glorious message with people around the world. 
  • We need to nurture our testimonies so they grow and bless others
  • Our Savior Jesus Christ is the ultimate pioneer in preparing the way. 
    • Indeed, He is the way for the plan of salvation to be accomplished so that we can repent, and through faith in Him return to our Heavenly Father.
  •  If anyone should lose their way, they will never be lost to the Savior. 
  • We are not pushing handcarts or driving covered wagons over steep mountains and through deep snow drifts; we are trying as they did to spiritually overcome the temptations and challenges of our day.
  • It is important to follow the prophet and keep our feet firmly planted on the covenant path of faithfulness as it was for the early pioneers
  • There is hope in the Lord Jesus Christ. 
    • There is hope for all in this life.
  • It is important to follow the Prophet and keep our feet firmly planted on the covenant path of faithfulness as it was for the early pioneers.
  • Please remember that if anyone should lose their way, we will never be lost to our Savior.
  • The Prophet Joseph Smith, missionaries of the Church, President Russell M. Nelson and the Savior Jesus Christ are all pioneers in one way or another. 
  • A pioneer is someone who helps discover something new or as the act of preparing or leading others on a new path. 
    • Joseph Smith was a pioneer as he helped in the Restoration of the Lord’s Church. 
    • Missionaries are pioneers because they help others find the covenant path. 
    • President Nelson is a pioneer by opening many lands for the preaching of the gospel. 
    • And the Savior “is the ultimate pioneer in preparing the way.” 

Talk: Kristen M. Yee – 2nd Counselor (Relief Society)

Beauty for Ashes: The Healing Path of Forgiveness


Stories: David and Abigail; Joseph of Egypt

Scripture References: 1 Samuel 25:4ff; Luke 4:18

  • Just as Abigail wanted to take Nabal’s sin on herself, Jesus Christ takes our sins on Him
  • Abigail became a type of the redeeming qualities of the Savior
  • Forgiving can be one of the most difficult things to do. 
  • The Savior has offered us the ability to forgive. 
  • On the path of forgiveness, Jesus Christ’s atoning power can flow into our lives and begin to heal the deep crevasses of the heart and soul
  • We still have work to do, but we are no longer on the warpath.
  • Christ has given us a new heart
  • Joseph of Egypt found ways to make beauty from ashes.   
  • To all that are brokenhearted, captive, bruised, and perhaps blinded or hurt by sin, He offers healing, recovery, and deliverance.
    • I testify that the healing and recovery He offers is real.
    • The Savior is ever merciful and attentive and stands ready to provide the succor we need
  • The Savior — in an incomprehensible way — [took] upon Him our sins and the sins of those who have hurt or offended us.
  • Please know that forgiving someone does not mean that you put yourself in a position where you will continue to be hurt.
  • I came to realize in a profound way that the same Son of God who atoned for my sins, is the same Redeemer who will also save those who have deeply hurt me.
  • Jesus Christ offers healing, recovery and deliverance to all who are brokenhearted, captive, bruised and perhaps blinded by hurt or sin.
    • The healing and recovery He offers is real.
  • Those who are still in situations where abuse is ongoing need not stay in that circumstance.
  • To give what you have been denied is a powerful part of divine healing possible through faith in Jesus Christ


Talk: Paul V. Johnson – Presidency of the Seventy

Be Perfected in Him


Stories: Grandson (Aaron) with blood condition

Scripture References: Moroni 10:32; 3 Nephi 12:48; Alma 5:7

  • Focus on the permanent, life-giving change that occurs as we allow the Lord to work miracles in us
  • When we follow Satan, we give him power.
    • When we follow God, He gives us power
    • We choose who we follow
  • We need to be willing to change our hearts, but only God can actually change it. 
  • Process of change takes time. Won’t be completed until after this life. But the promise is sure. And we can embrace the promises knowing they will be fulfilled. 
  • Although we can’t save ourselves, when we submit to the Lord’s will and keep our covenants, the way is open for our redemption.
  • We should not assume we need to do what only the Savior can do in the miraculous process of our perfection.
  • There is no question that this process of change takes time and will not be completed until after this life, but the promise is sure.
  • The people of Zarahemla experienced a mighty change of heart  because they “were willing to open their hearts and exercise faith, and then the Lord changed their hearts.”
  • It can feel daunting to fulfill the Savior’s command that “ye should be perfect even as I”.
  • We should not assume we need to do what only the Savior can do in the miraculous process of our perfection.
  • The process of change takes time and will not be completed until after this life, but the promise is sure. 


Hymn: Glory to God on High

Talk: Ulisses Soares – Quorum of the Twelve

In Partnership With the Lord


Stories: Giving a piano to his wife as an anniversary present

Scripture References: Genesis 2:17; Matthew 7:12; John 17:11;

  • We need to be in full partnership with our spouse.  
  • It is not good for man to be alone. 
  • Eve was a help meet for Adam 
  • 2 Principles
    • 1) We are all alike unto God. 
      • We walk side by side as equals. 
      • We become one in leading the family
    • 2) Golden Rule
  • Nurturing and Presiding
    • We are to help each other as equal partners. 
    • Nurturing and presiding are interrelated and overlapping responsibilities, which means that mothers and fathers are obligated to help one another as equal partners and share a balanced leadership in their home.
  • The restored gospel of Jesus Christ proclaims the principle of full partnership between woman and man, both in mortal life and in the eternities.
  • These special responsibilities [to nurture and preside] do not imply hierarchy and absolutely exclude any kind of abuse or improper use of authority.
  • As women and men work together in a true and equal partnership, we will enjoy the unity taught by the Savior as we fulfill the divine responsibilities in our marriage relationships.
  • Men and women possess specific attributes and divinely appointed responsibilities and fill equally essential roles in God’s plan of happiness. 
    • Their differences do not override His eternal promises. 
    • One has no greater possibilities for celestial glory than the other in the eternities.
  • When spouses understand this principle, there is no superiority or inferiority in their partnership. 
    • They become one in thought, desire and purpose with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, leading and guiding the family unit together.
  • The unity between Adam and Eve allowed them to walk together with respect, gratitude and love, forgetting about themselves and seeking each other’s well-being on their journey to eternity.
  • The responsibilities of husband and wife to nurture and preside are opportunities, not exclusive limitations. 
    • One person may have a responsibility for something but may not be the only person doing it.
    • Loving parents will strive together to protect and care for the physical and emotional well-being of their children.


Talk: James W. McConkie III – Seventy

And They Sought To See Jesus Who He Was


Stories: Studying the Gospels and Acts with missionaries as Mission President in Prague

Scripture References: Mark 2:1–12; Luke 19:2–8;

    • Spending time with Jesus in the scriptures changes everything
    • The paralytic’s friends showed resourcefulness in seeing Jesus
    • When we bring physical, emotional or other illnesses to Christ, we can do so knowing He has the power to heal and comfort.
    • As recounted in Mark 2, Jesus returns to Capernaum and villagers gather at the home where He is staying and He begins to teach. 
    • A man “sick of the palsy” is carried on a mat by four friends but the crowd is so great that getting to Jesus is impossible. 
    • The four climb to the roof and lower their friend to Jesus. 
      • He looks at the man on the bed, publicly forgives him of his sins and physically heals him.
    • With that telling of Mark 2 in mind, several important truths become clear about Jesus as the Christ.
      • First, as individuals help others come unto Christ they can do so with confidence that He can lift the burden of sin.
      • Second, when we bring physical, emotional or other illnesses to Christ, we can do so knowing He has the power to heal and comfort.
      • Third, as individuals make an effort to bring others to Christ, they can trust that He sees their true intentions.
    •  Whether as missionaries, ministers, Relief Society presidents, bishops, teachers, parents, siblings or friends, we are all engaged as Latter-day Saint disciples in the work of bringing others to Christ.
    • Part of the power of this remarkable story of Jesus is that it reminds us just how much we need each other, as brothers and sisters, to come unto Christ and be transformed.
    • Each of us has a role to play in the kingdom of God. As we fill that role and do our part, we carry our corner.


Talk: Jorge F. Zaballos – Seventy

Building a Life Resistant to the Adversary


Stories:Speaking to a professor about earthquakes

Scripture References: Matthew 4:1–10

  • Professor said that was impossible.   
    • Earthquakes will still happen.   
    • He would teach them how to build seismic resistant buildings. 
  • To design a structure that is seismic-resistant, a civil engineer makes calculations that indicate the dimensions, qualities and characteristics of the structural elements. 
    • These results are translated into plans and technical specifications that must be strictly followed. 
  • Likewise, it is important to build one’s life by following divinely designed “plans and technical specifications” — the knowledge of the plan of salvation, the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and the inspired direction of living prophets. 
    • These plans teach clearly how to construct happy lives resistant to sin and temptation. 
  • As an earthquake leaves its mark even on structures that were correctly designed and built, the attacks of the adversary can also cause “cracks” in spite of one’s efforts to build their life according to divine design. 
    • But with the gospel of Jesus Christ, “we are still standing, … we are ready to move forward.” 
  • God will never permit His children to be tempted beyond what they can resist.
  • The Savior provides an escape when facing adversity, temptation, incomprehension, infirmities and even death. 
    • Because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, all can be successful in constructing a life resistant to sin and temptation and strengthened to endure difficult times.
  • Likewise we should develop a life that is resistant to sin. 
  • Jesus’ spiritual preparation allowed him to resist the temptations of Satan
    • 1) Fasted for 40 days
      • Fasting brings us spiritual strength. 
    • 2) Armed Himself with the scriptures. 
      • It is written… Man shall not live by bread alone. 
      • It is written… thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God. 
      • It is written… thou shalt worship the Lord thy God. 
  • The Lord always prepares us with an escape from trial, temptation, etc. 
  • When we bring physical, emotional or other illnesses to Christ, we can do so knowing He has the power to heal and comfort. 
  • The joy promised in the scriptures as the purpose of our existence should not be understood to mean that we will have no difficulties or sorrows.
  • We can have the tranquility of knowing that the Lord will never permit us to be tempted beyond what we can resist.
  • I pray that we may continue to build our lives following the ‘plans and technical specifications’ of the divine design authored by our Father and achieved through our Savior Jesus Christ.


Hymn: I’ll Go Where He Wants Me to Go    


Talk: D. Todd Christofferson – Quorum of the Twelve


Topic:  The doctrine of belonging

Stories: Sister suffering from infertility

Scripture References:

  • The doctrine of belonging in Church has 3 parts: 
    • 1. The role of belonging in gathering the Lord’s covenant people 
    • 2. The importance of service and sacrifice in belonging 
    • 3. The centrality of Jesus Christ to belonging
  • The gospel net gathers from every nation and every people 
  • Avoid racism. 
  • As our Church population grows ever more diverse, our welcome must grow ever more spontaneous and warm. 
    • We need one another
  • We should be diligent in rooting prejudice and discrimination out of the Church, out of our homes, and most of all out of our hearts
  • Be one and if you are not one ye are not mine. 
  • At times we may feel we don’t fit in
  • That we don’t measure up. 
  • Belonging comes not as we wait for it, but as we reach out to help one another.
  • We may communicate in subtle ways that the worth of a soul is based on certain achievements or callings, but these are not the measure of our standing in the Lord’s eyes.
    • The Lord looketh on the heart, not our status
  • The Lord commands us, ‘Be one; and if ye are not one ye are not mine.’ 
    • We should be diligent in rooting prejudice and discrimination out of the Church, out of our homes, and most of all out of our hearts
  • The Savior invites us to come unto Him, regardless of our circumstances. 
  • Feel like you’ll never measure up? 
    • The Lord sees what we can be and knows the intent of our heart. 
    • Turn to The Lord.
  • Much of our belonging comes from our service. 
  • Excessive focus on our personal needs can hinder our sense of belonging
  • Trials and suffering are a normal part of life. 
  • We don’t join the church for fellowship alone, we join for redemption. 

Hymn: Hope of Israel

Benediction: Hans T. Boom – Seventy


  • In a way, I feel like Elder Zaballos’ talk hit home with me the most this session due to the numbness I feel after watching the news the past few days and seeing the damage caused by Hurricane Ian



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