Review of the Republic Wireless Beta Phone (Moto Defy XT) & Service


Republic Wireless is a revolutionary (in the disruptive-innovation sense) new phone carrier. Currently it’s shipping the popular Why? They offload as much of your phone calls and data to WiFi, as possible. That means they can charge a fraction of the price of normal carriers, while still offering complete Sprint coverage/service when WiFi is not… Read More

A Date Night That Might Actually Change Your Life (or Help You Do It)


As I recently watched MLH contributor Kurt Francom interview Joseph Grenny (one of the authors of Change Anything: The New Science of Personal Success), I was amazed to realize his organization had done extensive research on the effectiveness of home and visiting teaching. Though he only touched on it briefly, I found it fascinating: there is no… Read More

Activity Registrations Using WordPress & Participants Database


Some time ago I was asked to create a website where Church youth could register for Stake activities. Our Stake takes part in a regional youth Prom where several Stakes come together to make a special evening for the Youth. This “Mormon Prom” provides a good, wholesome, modest environment for youth to celebrate a special… Read More

Study the Scriptures in Greek & Hebrew the Easy Way


Even a little knowledge of Hebrew and Greek can enhance your understanding of the scriptures, bringing you closer to comprehending their meaning. There are online tools that offer the chance to dive into a deeper study and potentially learn the original scripture languages in the process. John Dyer of the Dallas Theological Seminary has created… Read More

The Power of Questions 2: The Golden If/Then Question


This is post #2 of 2 in the series “Power of Questions” Questions are powerful things. A primary doctrine of Mormonism is service and sacrifice: putting somebody else’s needs above our own. These posts will help you use questions to bless the lives of others, and your own life. The previous article in this series… Read More