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Why Is Doctrine and Covenants 65 Called a Revelation on Prayer? (Book of Mormon Central Knowhy #610)


Why Is Doctrine and Covenants 65 Called a Revelation on Prayer? (Knowhy #610) – powered by Happy Scribe

Joseph Smith called Doctrine and Covenant 65 a revelation on prayer, but at first glance, prayer may not seem like the main theme of this revelation, which talks about the keys of the Kingdom of God being committed on a man on the earth and emphasizes the uniting of the heavenly kingdom and its earthly counterpart. It was hard to have a clear understanding of Joseph Smith’s explanation until about 30 years ago, when a last document was discovered from William E. McClellan. In it, McClellan said Section 65 five was a revelation on Matthew six 10.

That verse is part of the Lord’s Prayer. Indeed, there are numerous parallels between Doctrine Covenant 65 and the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew that have largely gone unnoticed. While many connections have been found between this revelation and the words throughout the Lord’s Prayer. The most predominant themes of Doctrine and Covenant 65 relate to the words of the prayer found in Matthew six 10. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in Earth as it is in heaven. This discovery and contextual detail explains both why it was considered to be a revelation on prayer and why it emphasizes the coming kingdom of God.

It is a revelation on prayer, the Lord’s Prayer and specifically its plea. Thy kingdom come. And now you know I.

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