Videos to help you find inspiration for times when life is unpredictable!

Videos to help you find inspiration for times when life is unpredictable!

New This Week

Find inspiration for times when life is unpredictable! Our top new title, One Hit From Home, reminds us through our greatest struggles faith can bring us home. After suffering a career ending injury, former baseball superstar Jimmy Easton returns home. Can he learn to overcome his past and rediscover his faith?

Look to the Lord: 2 Samuel 5-12; 1 Kings 3, 8, 11

After a visit from God’s prophet, David became a great king. But when David stops looking to the Lord, things don’t end well. In our newest Line Upon Line episode, Look to the Lord: 2 Samuel 5-12; 1 Kings 3, 8, 11, we learn how we can seek forgiveness and heavenly grace after making a mistake.

Featured Title: Forever Strong

Our featured title, Forever Strong, is an uplifting film by LDS director Ryan Little. When Rick’s free-spirited lifestyle lands him in juvenile detention, a counselor and national championship rugby coach recruit him for a new team – and a new direction. Will Rick be able to turn his life and attitude around?

Featured Playlist: Thrill of the Game

Our featured playlist, Thrill of the Game, is filled with movies not just about sports but the ability to overcome the odds! Watch inspiring movies about teamwork, perseverance, and the power of change. Just a few of our favorites are Spirit of the Game, Breaking the Press, and The Mighty Macs.

Bible Project
Avon: Iniquity

Explore the significance of the word iniquity in ancient Hebrew, and discover a whole new way to think about our decisions and their consequences.

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Latter Day Kids:
The Foxes and the Snow
2 Samuel 5-7, 11-12; 1 Kings 3, 8, 11

When a snowstorm shields their view, baby foxes learn to walk in their mother’s footsteps in order to pass safely through some dangerous terrain.

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Music & the Spoken Word: Peace Like a River

God’s love and offer of peace is extended to all. The troubles of the world will always be with us, but His peace, like a river, can flow through our lives.

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Come Follow Me Insights:
The Fall of King David
2 Samuel & 1 Kings 3-11

Learn about the reign of King David, culminating in his unfortunate sin, and how you can avoid the consequences of sin through following along in this week’s discussion.

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