VIDEO: Prophecy fulfilled of Elijah's return | #ComeFollowMe

VIDEO: Prophecy fulfilled of Elijah’s return | #ComeFollowMe

180+ years ago, the prophecy of Malachi, that Elijah the prophet would return, was fulfilled. On April 3, 1836, Elijah appeared to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery and restored the power to seal on earth as in heaven. Today this power is used to join families together forever.
[00:00:03.930] Centuries ago, the prophet Malachi, said that in a coming day, God would send Elijah to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the heart of the children to their fathers. This prophecy was so important the Savior quoted it when he visited the Americas after his resurrection and when the angel Moroni visited the prophet Joseph Smith.

[00:00:32.240] He, too, quoted the prophecy about Elijah and Hart’s fathers and children. April 3rd marks the one hundred and eighty first year from the day when Malachi’s prophecy was fulfilled. On that day, Elijah did come and he gave to Joseph Smith, the priest in power, to seal families eternally. From that day to this interest in exploring one’s family history has grown exponentially at ever increasing rates. People seem drawn to their ancestry with more than just casual curiosity. I bear testimony that Elijah did come.

[00:01:19.060] The hearts of the children of you and me have turned to our fathers, our ancestors, the affection you feel for your ancestors is part of the fulfillment of that prophecy. I testify that God, the father, wants his children home again in families and in glory, the savior lives. He directs and blesses this work and he washes over and guides us. He thank you for your faithful service and gathering his father’s family. And I promise you, the inspired help that you seek and need in the name of Jesus Christ.

[00:02:00.920] Amen.


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