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If God Loved Me, He Wouldn’t Let This Happen | His Grace – powered by Happy Scribe

When your life experiences such an event that you wonder, will life ever be the same again? That’s when you truly come to know God, that’s when you truly come to know what matters in life. I was on my way to a doctor’s appointment, and I was hit by another car, something rare to Mary. But for me, by this time, I had experienced three other brain injuries. In the last twelve months, the pain was still excruciating.

Every day was so hard. There was so much confusion and brain fog and memory loss. The honestly, I felt like my life was done. And that’s when I really started to question God, what is going on? That I thought, Well, if he loved me, he wouldn’t let for these accidents happen.

Why? One day I was outside running, and I had music playing in my ear. And while running, I heard this really loud voice say, Go in and ask if you can play the piano. I took my music out a little shocked by how loud the voice was. And I turned and I saw an assisted living center.

And I was like, oh, okay, I need to go in there and ask to play the piano. But I said, okay, I’ll go tomorrow. I’m still in running clothes. I’m sweaty. I’m in the middle of a workout.

I’ll go tomorrow. So I put my music back in and I took a few more steps, started my run. And the voice came again, even louder, and said, Go in now and ask if you can play the piano to stop my run. And I go in the care center. While he was playing in Walk, this sweet gentleman with little Pep to a step was his Walker comes over to the piano and he says, hey, when does the show start?

And he sat on the piano bench and we instantly became friends. This man intrigued me so much. He was so funny, so with it. So I asked him, how old are you? And he goes, 99.

I said, when do you turn 100 years old? Kind of got a little quiet. And he said, in six months, I said, you don’t even act like you care to turn 100 years old. And he said, I don’t care. I said, I’m gonna make you a deal.

I’m gonna come every week and play for you until you are 100 years old. I was like, sitting there. What can I just promise this man? It was so hard every day just to get out of bed. But I would drag myself out of bed because I had made a promise to this man.

I have to keep him alive until he is 100 years old. I can’t let him down. So I’d get out of bed stragg myself over there. And every time I went over, he always like, or if you bid, we’ve been waiting for you. I started going every week, but that quickly turned into every day I’d stop in on my middle, my run.

I’d go and visit him and the resonance that were there, and I start playing music for him. He taught me so much during that time, lessons that I did not realize but have such an impact in my life. He said, we can decide to move forward in life with our trials, or we can decide to let them hold us back. That always had a motto. He said, if you have a post, you have a purpose.

When you’re in such a deep, dark hole and you think life is over, it doesn’t make you want to come closer to God. It doesn’t want to make you try again. So it was very gradual that I came to know God. And sometimes it would be just a simple thing in one day that I’d start to fill that little hope again that gradually would continue on. And it was little steps that you find His Grace through those moments in your life, through the little interactions with people.

And it was through those moments that I was able to fill God and help pull me out of that deep, dark spot. And at times, sometimes it would be a lot. Sometimes it would be a little I know God puts people in our path when we need them and who we need. Sometimes it’s at the most random times in our life, I was running outside on the street music plan in our ears. But if there’s anything I’ve learned in my life, it’s that we are never abandoned, we’re never rejected, and that God is there for us.

But we can also be there for others.

Why would I be feeling annoying if I had served a patio? Or why would I be feeling this way if our Savior and he really.

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