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VIDEO: How Names in the Book of Isaiah Testify of Christ!


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How Names in the Book of Isaiah Testify of Christ! – powered by Happy Scribe

Hey, everyone, and welcome back, or for the first time, to latterday divers the Snowflake Stories episodes. Today’s episode is going to explore the meaning of names as a symbol to help us unpack one of the major themes in the book of Isaiah. My name is Will Perez and this is Snowford. His name reminds us of the scripture behind everything we do on this channel. Second Nephi eleven, verse four, which reminds us that all things testify Christ.

In Isaiah eight, Isaiah drops a major hint. He says, Behold, I and the children whom the Lord has given me are for signs and for wonders in Israel from the Lord of hosts which dwelleth in Mount Zion. So Isaiah and his children are going to be symbols for us. And today I want to explore the meaning of their names. We learn the names of one of Isaiah’s sons in chapter seven, when he takes his son Shia Jacob to run an errand with him.

Now, in Hebrew, the name Shia Jesus references or means that a remnant shall return. A remnant will come back. There will be healing, there will be restoration. Isn’t that ultimately what Isaiah and so many other prophets are constantly promising? After scattering and affliction, the Lord will be merciful, and with everlasting kindness will he gather us and a remnant will return.

In Isaiah eight, the Lord commands Isaiah to name one of his sons mahar Shala Hashbas. Now, I know I’ve probably butchered that name, one of the longest ones in the Bible, Mahershalao Hashbaz. Try saying that seven times fast.

But what does this name mean? Check out the footnote. In Hebrew, it means to hasten the spoil or to speed to the prey. In other words, destruction is imminent. Something is going to happen, something is coming, there’s going to be ruin.

Now. What does isaiah mean? The name ending in A or A is a reference that includes part of the name of God. The name Isaiah comes from a Hebrew phrase, yasha yahoo, meaning God saves. So Isaiah means God saves.

Jehovah is salvation, salvation is in the Lord, etc. E, the prophet’s very name is one of the most powerful sermons that he gives to us. Jehovah saves. So we’ve got this pattern, these themes. Now we can get really bogged down in the nitty gritty of, like, what does AYRIA represent and who’s fighting who?

But the macro theme of Isaiah using these symbolic names is destruction is imminent. There will be pain and ruin and apostasy, but a remnant will return. There will be healing and restoration and mercy. Why? Because Jehovah saves.

Because salvation is in the Lord. And this message is just as applicable for us today as it was for those hearing it. During the times of Isaiah, we have been tasked with preparing the world for the second coming of the Savior. As destruction and spiritual chaos are imminent, we have been tasked with the gathering of Israel and helping to ensure that a remnant does return. And we have been tasked with proclaiming to the world that salvation is in and through Jesus Christ.

As you study the Book of Isaiah, look for how he teaches that destruction is imminent, how he promises that a remnant shall return, and most importantly, how he testifies that salvation is in the Lord Jesus Christ, jehovah of old, the Savior of always. That’s a wrap for our episode today. I hope that this uplifts your study of the Book of Isaiah and helps you see a bigger picture in the Old Testament and for your own life. As always, thank you for liking the video. Subscribing to the channel.

Channel sharing the video. Please continue to help us grow and have a great rest of your week. Remember all things testify of Christ. Bye.

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