VIDEO: Come Follow Me with Living Scriptures: Moroni 1-6 | #COMEFOLLOWME

VIDEO: #ComeFollowMe with The Living Scriptures: The Joseph Smith Story Excerpt | Come Follow Me | Joseph Smith History 1:1-26

“But I know that Jesus lives and he loves us. And he cares about us.”


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The Joseph Smith Story Excerpt Come Follow Me Joseph Smith—History 1:1–26 – powered by Happy Scribe

Well, I don’t care what you say, I think Pastor Green is right. That’s just not true. Reverend Sloan says that it’s only by grace that we are saved. Oh, hello, Joseph. What can we do here for just a bag of flour and some salt?

I know Pastor says your Reverend Sloan is nothing more than a seller of snake oil. Pastor Greene wouldn’t know a righteous man if he sat down in his church, which is yet to happen. Is that all, Joseph?

Well, you wouldn’t catch me setting foot into that church. Good day and a bad day to you. Pretty silly, huh? Sure he is. Hey, you ought to bring your family around to the camp meeting tonight. That’s where you learn the true gospel. Brothers and sisters, we are all brothers and sisters, but I tell you, the churches in this town are teaching the worst collection of falsehoods I ever done here. Why? If you listen to them, you can’t become a Christian unless you know how to swim.

I tell you, I’d rather see a man drunk and see him go to one of these church services. Well, I can agree with you there, Brandt. I hear that man is a good Christian because they’re just a good.

Made up your mind yet, Joseph? I just don’t know Alvin, but the Lord saved my life. I think I ought to care enough about him to find out the truth. What are you doing, Joseph? I’m reading the Bible. I can see that the sun isn’t even up yet. I couldn’t sleep. Still worried about which church is right here. Listen to this. It says here, if any of you lack wisdom.

Let him ask of God that giveth to all men liberally and upbraid, if not, and it shall be given him. Do you think if I ask the Lord, he tell me which church is true? Yeah, I reckon that’s what he promised. Now you better get some sleep.

I. Father in heaven. I have to know which church teaches the truth. Was there is there someone there? Father, please. I need wisdom and the Bible promised that. Play. Deliver me from my enemy. Joseph. This is my beloved son. Hear him. And. Which of all the churches is right? Which one should I join? You must join none of them, Joseph. They’re all wrong. They draw near to me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.

They teach us doctrine’s the commandments of man. They copy the forms of godliness, but they deny the power of God. There is no church in the world today that teaches the fullness of my gospel. Then how can anybody follow you if nobody knows the way you, Joseph, shall be an instrument in my hand to build my kingdom on Earth?

Girls, be careful with those dishes and Carlos, don’t bang your plate. Joseph, what’s the matter? You look worn out, don’t worry, mother, I am well enough off. I’ve learned for myself. At your church is not true. But I know that Jesus lives and he loves us. And he cares about us. And he told me, Mother. That I would be given his true gospel. I believe you, Joseph.

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