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VIDEO and PODCAST: Worldwide Fast April 10th Ep. 393 The Cultural Hall


We are so grateful to those that have expressed their excitement for the April 10th Fast.

In the spirit of fasting we want to ensure that this is a personal and spiritual experience. For the next 30 hours only posts meant to give encouragement, strength, and insight for the April 10th Fast will be approved to respect those that have already begun. Please refrain from sharing life stories, personal struggles or content not related to fasting.

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VIDEO: The first witness of the Living Christ, Mary Magdalene (Messages of Christ)

Early on Sunday morning, before the sun began to rise, Mary Magdalene came to the tomb to finish a painful task, the burial of her beloved Lord and Master. The pain and agony she must have felt as she mourned the Savior’s death is beyond comprehension. As one of the Lord’s most faithful and devoted followers, Christ’s appearance to Mary that Easter morn, places her as the first witness of the resurrection! Knowing Jesus was willing to reveal himself first to her, gives us all hope that we too can testify of the Savior’s divinity no matter who we are!
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