Use Foonz to conference call your next meeting


Foonz is a service that provides free conference calling. You sign up for your free account at the site and add your contacts that you want to include in your conference calls. Foonz will will issue you an access number.When you dial the number, Foonz will send a text message or an IM to your contacts inviting them to the conversation. They dial the number and presto! conference call.

This could come in handy for different types of leadership meetings in Church. Often members live extremely far from the chapel, so having weekday meetings or meetings later in the evening on Sundays can be burdensome. If you don’t have to be at the chapel to have the meeting, then doing it on a conference call can work just as well. Do it like any other meeting, just over the phone. Start off with a prayer and spiritual thought, and get to business.

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